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Strange Coincidence

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As he looked outside through the car window, the the sound of drizzle on the roof prompted him to think of the day's earlier events, he was bloody and bruised at the back of a police car, starring at the crime scene he was being arrested for but for some reason he was glad, after having survived so many brushes with death in the previous night, it made him wonder how long it would be before luck favored the dreadful reaper.  

Ten days ago Arata Yokomitsu was an amazingly talented guitarist, a resident of Tokyo japan, he'd never had a job before in his life, he hardly knew his real family, he'd only met them after he'd turned 19 and they were not eager to meet him. The closest thing he had to a real family was his teen girlfriend Aika and his band of five members, he stayed at a small apartment in minato~ku-a section of Tokyo city which is a city itself. It is home to many major companies like Toshiba, Sony, Ned, etc. it was last recorded to have a population of 217 335 which is relatively small considering how over-populated Asia is, and the dense population is the reason why Yokomitsu didn't want to be involved with the corporate power struggle of being a mainstream hustler, instead he was in a street band playing at the Tokyo metro station and doing night shifts at an illegal radio station which made air waves nationally and earned him the nickname "night-owl"...That was ten yeas ago.  

7:00 am Wednesday 2012  

Yokomitsu woke up from his apartment, he realized he was going to be late for the band's morning rehearsal, he had written new songs that the band had to practice without even attempting play them at the Tokyo metro station but before he could jump out of bed his cellphone began to ring, a 30 seconds to mars ringtone.  


"Yokomitsu-san" the voice was deep with an unmistakeable American accent "my name is Joey, i work at E.M.I artist management, I'm a producer and i stumbled upon your music whilst browsing the web, you have ameture videos posted on you-tube and i understand that you are the songwriter/lead guitarist/vocalist, Mr Yokomitsu i am not going to waste any time, how would you feel about a tour, a six year contract and a chance to sell your music worldwide?"  

Yokomitsu was already smiling "hello, yes its me Yokomitsu, you say you want to sign my band?" he said in an excited voice  

"No sir, I'm saying E.M.I wants to sign you!"  

his smile faded, he realized that he would have to consider making music without his band.  

"Mr Yokomitsu, the artist man-agent and talent scout found you and a few other band players, you are potentially the most talented candidate so far and well...we are thinking of putting you in a new band that we here at EMI have assembled, its going to be the perfect band of the 21st century" The man said in typical record executive tone.  

Yokomitsu considered it but he knew that even though he was not contractually bound to anything, when he joined his band he had made an unspoken vow to commit to his band especially in situations where he had to make tough decisions like the one presented before him.  

"My name is Arata Yokomitsu sir, are you sure you have the right person?" his inquiry was valid, he had to be sure he wasn't getting punked' on some prank radio show and besides there are more Yokomitsus' in Asia than penguins in the ocean, he probably has the wrong one, its no miracle, wrong number calls are frequent in Asia because the phone-book is full of people with the same name, the fact is in Asia coincidence is normalcy.  

Joey laughed "i am not one of those people who think all Japanese people are the same or their names are the same or everything about them is the same Mr Yokomitsu, we have not met yet but i know you man and i understand you, you have a lot of energy and ideas and that is just what we want".  

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