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a/n: things aren't gonna make sense for a quick second because im doing a time jump in light of the recent events with fifth harmony. this is after the break up. keep this in mind as you read. enjoy, ily xxx.

also, i know i said i'd stop writing camren fan fiction but just because camila has left doesn't mean i should stop. its what i love to do. in all honesty, i am completely aware of the fact that laucy may be much realer than camren ever was and i respect that relationship and am so glad lucy is making lauren as happy as she seems lately but camren will always be apart of me and i'll keep writing about it.

to my fellow camren shippers, i know living in your own fantasy may seem nice but please respect the fact that there is an extremely strong possibility that lauren and lucy are dating. it may not be camila but understand that lucy makes lauren happy and at the end of the day, that's what all of us harmonizers should strive for; our girls and their happiness. who we want them to be with isn't always who they are meant to be with.

as much as we hate to admit it, they are grown adults who are perfectly capable of making their own choices and know themselves way more than we know them so please in simple respect, stop with the conspiracy theories and just be glad and grateful that our girl has someone special in her life.

when she's sad, angry, or simply needs a hug and reassurance, keep in mind that lucy may be that person constantly there for her and not camila. camren may have felt/feel real to us but our imagination differs from actual reality. again, keep that in mind when you choose to go to lucy's page to comment hate towards her. if she's making lauren smile and feel confident within herself, then she's doing her fucking job and you are nobody to come in between that.

with that being said, enjoy this chapter and stop being heartless assholes.


A dry chuckle fell from her lips. Her green eyes turning stone cold, she ripped her hand out of her former bandmate's hold. "You don't even get it!" She shouted. Her body shook with anger and sadness as she started to walk away before being pulled back by the brunette.

"Then let me in Lauren," sadness swam in the brown orbs as they pleaded with green ones. "You never let me in anymore. Please let me in..." she whispered.

Backing away from the girl, Lauren shook her head. "Camz..."

"Please," she whispered.

*24 Hours Earlier*

She loved the beach. It was her safe place... where she went to when the world failed her. The sand comforted her, the waters spoke to her, and the wind, oh the wind was like her best friend. The beach was where she came to when she needed to get away. When she needed to escape the hell they called life.

Pulling her feet up on the bench and bringing her knees up to her chest, she looked out into the distance. All she wanted was to be happy. But it was almost as if happiness was afraid of her.

Her eyes clouded with tears as she thought over the last couple months. Things were so good... her life was literally perfect. She had her dream girl, she had just come out and Fifth Harmony was skyrocketing. Why'd she have to ruin it?

Her heart ached as she thought back to the final spilt that happened that morning. Their label had promised the fans exciting news only for everyone to receive the most dreadful. Dinah found it hard to stay in the group after Camila's departure. Especially after winning their People's Choice Award and Camila not being able to come up with them. As Dinah announced her leave, Normani couldn't find it within her to stay when her heart and soul had just left. The second oldest decided to leave alongside Dinah, pretty much destroying any means of continuing their previously undying but now dying success.

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