Chapter 15

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Death. It's easy, simple, and for most not complicated. 

Life. It's hard, long and extremely complicated. 

Like I said before death to most is simple. But for me, it's not that easy. I've already died once and I was brought back to like by my best friend and unofficial charge. Now here I am fighting to stay alive once again. Only this time it's my fault for being in this situation.  I chose to fight an army of undead, evil vampires. 

I am the one they want I haven't a clue why. All I know is there are at least a hundred Strigoi on campus. I have killed at least 10 of them and I have no clue if the people I love are safe. About a half hour ago about 40 Strigoi breached my area and since then my team and I have been fending them off. Hopefully keeping this school safe.

A week ago I was happy. I mean really happy. Happier then I have been in years. I had everything I ever wanted. Sure crappy things had happened. Like Victor, Tasha, the Strigoi attack that almost took the man I love, oh and almost going insane a couple times. But a lot of good things have happened too. Like Dimitri and I finally allowed ourselves to love one another openly (well openly to each other and the few who knew about us), Lissa and I finally being open with each other, my mother and I being on good term, and I finally met my badass Moroi father. 

God my life is pretty screwed up right now.

Part of me wants to die so I can save the ones I love from the Strigoi. But the other part of me, my guardian half keeps telling me that dying is the easy way out. The cowards way out. By fighting against the Strigoi I'm fighting for the ones I love. By not fighting they can take me and leave without hurting anybody else. Which I know is wrong. Even if I did give myself up they would still attack. 

So I continued to fight. Continued to kill Strigoi. Continued to help defend the school that raised me. 

So this is super short but I needed a filler chapter. I am currently working on the next chapter to this story I love you all so much. Thank you all for your kind words and support.

XOXO VampGirl

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