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This club is closed for the school season. It will be back up come April. That is still school for many, but it will give people time to sign up and for the club to start rolling. If you are interested in seeing how the system works to gauge if you want to join, go ahead and look at the next chapter.

Until then, here is a list of other clubs you can join:

On this account, The Writers Workshop. You get paired for a month, decide with your partner how much to read a week, and only have to do inline comments. At least four chapters are required to enter.

DreamlandBC pairs weekly. You read four chapters of your partner's book and leave 7+ lines (desktop) / 12+ lines (mobile) comments on each chapter. However, there is a school version so you're paired for two weeks and read six chapters of your partner's book. There is also a mandatory book of the month. All but fanfiction is accepted.

WonderWritersTeam has a club where you are paired for a month, read eight chapters of each other's book, and leave 3+ sentence comments each chapter. If you finish early, you can read more or request a new pairing. Every two months there's a book of the bimester, and the person who is chosen is the one who has accumulated the most points by reading chapters.

WonderlandBC has a club where you are put into groups for ten days and have to read two chapters of each others' books. This is the one I actually know the least about so you'll need to check it out for more details.

Hope that helped. See you all in April!

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