Before We Begin

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Before we begin, I am going to very simply tell you this is going to work in a rapid pairing system, so best for those looking for speed.

There are two other clubs I run that you can also join.

There is The Writers Workshop on this account. It's not a club as much as a workshop. You get paired up once a month, and comments are more in-line based to help a writer reach the fullest potential in their book.  People read further into your book here but you're with that one person the entire time.  You control how many chapters you read per week.  You must have 4+ chapters to join.

There is also Dreamland on one of my accounts, DreamlandBC.  You are paired (almost) weekly with one other person, and you read 4 of each other's chapters. It's a place to go if you want a mixture if you want a slower paced club but with more reviews.

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