s*t*a*r*s 6 - pt 94

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            “Oh Rosita!” yells Camilla from her vantage point, seeing her cousin peeking out from her spot, nowhere near where they’d hidden their flag. 

            “Oh Camilla!” calls back Rosita flexing her knee, feeling achy from the day’s physical activities.  Her back against a bale of hay, she scratches her nose, the goggles bothering the heck out of her.

            “Gotcha!” yells Camilla firing off two shots, hitting Rosita full in the chest, ducking because it had revealed her hiding nest, Emma shooting but missing.

            “Son of a…,” bellows Rosita as she moved off the course.  The crowd is getting antsy, because it is obvious that the teams are rather equally matched.

            “We got Red, Gimpy, G-Woman, and the quiet one,” says Camilla to Bev, who nods.  Bev doesn’t like to lose, and she means to win, even if the odds are against them.

            Splitting up, Camilla moves one way, and Bev the other.  Bev cacthes sight of a flash of red hair, dashing over to the hiding place, letting loose a barrage of paintballs, covering Lana with them. 

            “Damn it!” curses Lana as she stands and moves off the course.  Bev ducks and feels the paint balls from Spencer’s gun missing her narrowly.

            “Go left,” says Spencer to Sydney.  The girl nods and as she does, Camilla shoots her in the arm.  Spencer reels up, but over compensates with her leg, sending her crashing down, Camilla missing her. 

            Camilla screams and dives out of the way, Emma shooting at her, not finding Bev anywhere.  Spencer sees where the flag is, dashing for it, at the same time, Bev sees the grey flag hanging limply behind a far stack of hay.  Camilla lets out a yell, covering Bev as she moves to the game winning flag.  Ducking behind a large red tube, Bev feels the paint balls exploding all around her, thinking that Emma Scott has the fasted trigger finger on the planet.  Holding up her gun, letting off a few shots, knowing she is missing, hearing Camilla curse in Spanish.  Peeking up and seeing Spencer next to where the flag might have been, instead it is somewhere else. 

            “I got… crap, Emma it’s a pair of underwear!” yells Spencer as she holds up the pink ‘flag’.  Emma turns, seeing Bev holding up the grey flag, and the ref proclaims the pink team the winners.


            “That was mean,” says Spencer for the 50th time in the last hour, very bummed out about having lost the game.

            “It was strategy,” says Alysse who’d retrieved her pink underwear from the irate Spencer.  They were all at Abandon, where a huge party is underway.  There is a live band, and they are playing karaoke, everyone’s names having been put into a bin and they were all being called up one by one to sing. 

            “It was cheating,” laments Spencer with a grunt taking a sip of her soda.  Sydney elbows her, and Spencer has to smile, knowing that losing is part of life.

            “It was funny,” laughs Bev leaning in and kissing Jo on the cheek, her nose looks horrible, but Bev finds it sexy that Jo is now fully human.

            “That was classic Alysse,” says Nina raising her glass to toast Alysse, the table follows suit, clinking glasses and tossing around congratulations. 

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