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It was New Years Eve, you were with your best friend and crush, Gerald. He was sitting next to you, every time detail about him just made you admire him a lot. You were in love with him, I mean you have known him since freshmen year of high school. G told you everything about him and you told him everything about you.

The only thing you didn't know, was that he had a bigger crush on you. G wrote songs about you but never showed them to you. He was afraid you didn't like him back so he hid his feelings for you and dated another girl. Once Gerald broke up with her for reasons only he knows, he couldn't stop thinking about one thing. You.

Every second in his mind was thinking about you. He didn't think about what songs he was going to sing at the cities of his tours, he didn't think about his fans, he didn't think about anything. When Gerald told his other friends about his thoughts, they told him it was a bit rude to not think about the cities and fans that supported him a lot, but G didn't care.

Gerald only cared about you. So here you were, sitting awkwardly just watching New Years Eve shit." I'm going to make popcorn." You said standing up, G looked at you and frowned but tried to hide the horrible feeling of you not being by his side. Even though it was for five minutes. It was way too long for him.

You were on every tour with him, you slept on the tour bus with him, not sexually. You went everywhere with him, you always thought you annoyed him, but he was literally NEVER annoyed. G always had you in pictures he took while he traveled around the world, some of his fans got pissed off by this for their own reason.

They even comment rude shit about you, you ignore it though. Cause you learned from Gerald to annoy shit that people say about you." Hey y/n?" G asked." Yeah G?" "Um...can I ask you something?" "Of course you can." You smiled, he always loved the smile you sent him." I....I love you."

Your eyes went wide and you almost dropped the popcorn, but you caught it before it drop." Are you sure? Is it April fools or something? Shit I forgot to play a prank on you I had a perfect one too! Damn it Gerald you should've told me it was April fools!"

"It's not April fools." He laughed." Its not? Oh...so you really do love me?" "Of course I do." "I thought you didn't." "I do, I have ever once sophomore year of high school." "I love you too G." We shared a kiss, at the same time, there was loud cheering on the tv." Happy new year y/n." Gerald said." Happy new year G."

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