[4] Music Class

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AMELIA MADE her way to the only class she was looking forward to: music. She had always found herself being able to drift off to another world by listening to music.

She was gifted at playing the piano above anything else, so she was very excited to find a piano in the music classroom when she arrived.

"I'm Amelia Swan, sir. I apologize for being late, I got lost." Amelia greeted with her light voice, eyes glued to the piano before flickering to the man.

"Quite alright, Miss Swan." He picked up a manila folder and took out a piece of paper. "I see here that you play piano! Would you mind playing a bit for us?"

Amelia's smile widened for everyone to see she nodded eagerly and walked over to the piano and dropped her bag.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, letting her hands and ears guide her as she began to play Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata.

Across the room sat Jasper Hale, who had taken up the class after learning a bit from Edward. He was staring at the girl in shock, she had an alluring aura to her and a scent that was drawing him in, he just barely had the strength to control himself. He found himself listening to the music to calm himself.

The rest of the class watched in either boredom or amazement at the girl talent, she was certainly amazing at piano and seemed so into the music that it drew them in. Of course, others were staring at the girl's messy makeup, unmatched socks and-underneath her crown- mash hair.

The girl finished with a blush on her cheeks as she remembered that the whole class was watching her. "Sorry, I got a bit carried away."

Her voice sounded better than the music she had just played, to Jasper at least. He both wanted to kill her and protect her.

"That's alright Miss Swan, I'm sure none of us minded." The teacher praised with a grin. "At least, I didn't."

Amelia smiled and scanned her eyes over the class, stopping when they met Jasper's. She gasped quietly but quickly dismissed it and flicked her eyes away from his, in favor of picking up her bag and sitting down.

However as the class went on she found herself looking back at him multiple times, sometimes catching the boys eye sometimes not. Little did she know he was doing the same thing.

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