Hi There -.- Because you're all SO in love with Obsessed I decided that this is................ The Sequel *braces for reaction* 

It's not going to be much, More about the struggle with the up-coming Wedding & Quinn's Parents because Obsessed touch more on Quinn and Reece's Relationship, there is still going to be A LOT of love in this book, but theres going to be more family love then the last 

I hope you enjoy, and don't get too Addicted <3


Chapter 1

His fingers wrapped in my hair

He pouted “Why did you have to cut it?”

I laughed “Because it’s a new year, I always change something about myself in a new year”

“What did you change last year?”

I frowned “I dumped Connor”

He smirked and wrapped his arms around my waist “That was a good thing”

“And cutting my hair isn’t?”

He shook his head “I liked it long”

I rolled my eyes and unlinked his hands from my waist

“Don’t play cute with me Rock Star” I warned walking away from him

He shoved his face into the pillow of the lounge and groaned

“What are you annoyed about?” I laughed swinging open the doors on the breakfast bar of the kitchen that looked out on our new living room

“Nothing” he sighed, scrunching the pillow in his arms and propping it under his chin “Just looking at my gorgeous fiancé”

I laughed “Idiot”

“You love me” he argued as I walked away

I shook my head and grabbed a can of coke and bottle of beer from the fridge

The drinks were removed and he spun me around, kissing me roughly

“This is-“he cut me off with a kiss “illegal”

He laughed “How?”

 “I’m 18 now, you are still technically a minor” I winked

He groaned “Please tell me that’s not you’re actual reason for not wanting to sleep with me”

I took the beer from the counter and popped the lid “Yup”

His eyes dropped closed and shook his head

“Are you serious?”

Dead serious” I admitted jumping up on the counter

“If you keep this up I’m going to be dead”

“Or the skin on your hands will be rubbed raw” I winked

He settled himself in between my legs and rubbed his nose on my neck “You’re really going with the abstinence until marriage thing?”

I nodded, placing my drink down and picking up his head in my hands

“I’ve been with so many idiots, I wanted my first time to be special and it never ended up being so, you’re going to be my husband, you’re going to be the last man I ever sleep with, that counts for more than anything”

He nodded “I understand babe, I just miss you”