[bc] vii. ten years, love

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10 years after Harry & Indie's wedding

"Alright, alright," Tina waved her hand around to get the guests that flooded Indie and Harry's backyard attention. "Everyone, settle down, please."

Indie and Harry turned to face the brunette on the deck, stopping their conversations along with everyone around them. Clark who stood with them excused himself, handing Liam their three-year-old son before wandered over, striding up the stairs to join Tina on the wooden boarded deck.

"So, if you didn't already know me, I am Tina Matthews," she smiled to everyone watching her. "I was the maid of honor at these two's wedding. It hard to believe that it's already been ten years since that day. It still feels as though it was yesterday. I have enjoyed watching these two blossom since the day they met. I can remember the first time Indie saw Harry, he took her breath away and since that day the two of them have proven time and time again that true love really does exist."

"Today, ten years later we still see the love they share in their four beautiful children," Clark spoke next with a smile. "They were the first of our friends to bring a child into the world and they've been a key factor in making us all the people and parents we are today. Today, we are here to celebrate you."

"And we want to thank you for being the amazing people you are," Tina added with a smile.

"To Indie and Harry!" River shouted, coming out through the back door with a wine glass full of champagne at hand. Indie's eyes widened at the sight, a sequel leaving her lips as she ran towards the deck. He held his arms open for her embrace as she ran into them, wrapping her arms around him tightly. He wrapped his arms around her, carefully to not spill his drink which Tina took from his hands so he could lift Indie from her feet.

"I thought you weren't coming," Indie frowned, not letting go of him.

"Are you kidding me?" He asked. "I couldn't miss this. I pulled some strings and got a last minute flight back home."

"I missed you so much," Indie sighed and gripped the fabric of his shirt. "Six months on tour is way too long."

"Tell me about it," he sighed. "But, ten years, hey? That's impressive."

"What about you and Robin?" She wondered as she stepped away from him. "You've been with Robin almost just as long."

"True," he nodded. "Speaking of which, I need to go see that girl of mine."

"Please do," she nodded as she followed them down to Harry and Robin. Indie scurried ahead of him to take their son, Sean from Robin's arms, she allowed the two to greet each other. They hadn't seen each other as long as Indie and River had.

"Who's that baby girl?" Harry asked as they walked off, bouncing their two-year-old daughter in his arms. "Is that Sean?" He pointed to the blonde in Indie's arms. Stevie grinned happily, a soft giggle leaving her lips as she reached out for Sean.

"Mama," Leo yelled, running towards them with his twin brother, Andy struggling to follow after him. Indie's lips curled up as she knelt down, holding onto Sean as Leo held the camera up to his face.

"What are you doing?" Indie laughed as she reached out, tickling his side.

"We're making a movie," Andy grinned.

"Oh, are you?" Indie smiled. "Well, you know who the real star is?"

"Who?" Leo asked and fumbled around with the zoom. He had become attached to a lens ever since he found one of Indie's old cameras packed away in a box in the basement.

"This girl," Harry told him as Stevie walked with his assistance, squeezing his index fingers tightly. Leo swerved the camera in the direction of Harry and his baby sister.

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