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Chapter 14

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"Alright guys, I'll see you all tonight," Caroline said.

Today was the day. Our show was tonight and we were excited.

"Listen up bitches, it's that time again!" Monique yelled.

After rehearsals, we would pair up and dance to a song that one of us would pick. Monique and I always paired up because I thought she was the best dancer in the class and vice versa. Plus, she's my best friend.

"Okay Briana, pick a song," Jordan said.

"Pop That."

Monique and I stood in front of the mirror waiting for the music to start. As soon as the beat dropped, we started dancing. Everyone was yellin' & hollerin'. It was fun. When Monique and I stopped, Jordan and her partner started. This was always fun because the dances weren't choreographed. It was just us being goofy and random.

I felt a slight tap on my shoulder and when I turned around, it was Blake.

"Hey!" I said with excitement, "what are you doing here?"

I gave him a hug.

"I came by to see if you wanted to go get something to eat before your show," he said.

"Sure, but I look a mess."

I was wearing basketball shorts, a hoodie, True Flights, and my hair was in a pony tail with a bandana. I'm pretty I looked like a sweaty troll.

"You look fine. We're just going to eat," he said.

"Alright," I grabbed my dance bag and walked toward the door, "see yall later!"

When we got outside, I saw DJ leaning up against Blake's car.

"DJ!" I screamed and ran to hug him.

I hadn't seen him in like a week and a half, but it felt like forever.

"I missed you buddy!" he said.

"I missed you too man!" I said back.

I had been in LA for a month and literally spent a majority of my time with Blake and/or DJ.

So where are we going?" I asked getting in the backseat.

"P.F. Chang's," Blake said driving off.

"Awesome," I said.

We got to the restaurant, went inside and sat down. After the waitress brought us our drinks, we started talking.

"What are you guys doing tonight?" I asked before drinking some water.

"Nothing," they said simultaneously.

"Yall should come to my performance tonight."

"I'll come," Blake said.

"You are a saint," I said putting my hand over his.

I looked over at DJ.

"What about you?" I asked looking him up and down.

"Nah, I'm good," he said.


He looked at me laughing.

"DeAndre!" I said with a laugh.

I heard Blake laughing on the other side of me.

"You know I'm just playin'."


I put one hand on Blake's shoulder and the other hand on DJ's shoulder, "yall are the best."

I smiled at them and then we ate.


We took Briana home so she could get ready for tonight. Me and DJ sat on the couch while she got ready.

"When are you gonna tell Bri that you like her?" DJ blurted out.

"What are you talking about?"

"Blake, don't play dumb. I know you better than you think and I know you like Briana. So when are you gonna tell her?" he asked again.

It was true. I had developed feelings for her, but I thought they would go away.

"I'm not gonna tell her. It's just a crush, the feelings will go away," I lied.

"Nigga, this ain't no damn crush. You're practically in love with that girl," he said.

I let out a loud sigh. He was right.

"Okay, but I can't tell her. what if she doesn't feel the same way," I said.

"You won't know unless you tell her."

"It's not worth it," I said.

"YES it i-"

"HEY! You ready?" I interrupted DJ as Briana walked into the living room.

"Yeah let's go," she said with a smile.

We got in the car and drive to the performing center.

"So what songs are you guys dancing to?" I asked.

"Well in the intro, we all dance to Bow Down by Beyoncé, but I only dance to 'Marvin & Chardonnay' by Big Sean, 'Where the Boys At?' by OMG Girlz and 'Dance for You' by Beyoncé."

"This could be interesting," DJ said.

"I think you guys will enjoy it," she said.

When we got there, I parked and we walked in.

"Yall should sit in front so yall can see me better," she suggested.


We sat in the first two seats up front. We were both on our phones when music started playing. When I looked up, Briana and a few other dancers were on stage. She jumped down off the stage and sat on the floor in front of us.

"Yall better not be on your phones all night," she said.

"Stop worryin', we won't," DJ said back.

"Good. Well I gotta go, we're about to start."

She went back on the stage behind the curtains. The lights dimmed and Caroline came out to speak. After she finished, the curtains opened and "Bow Down" started.

All of these dancers were really good, but I kept my eye on Briana. She was the best dancer up there in my opinion. She looked down, smiled and winked at me when she noticed I was staring.


"Dance for You" was the last dance of the night. Just like I did all night, I only watched Briana. I could watch her dance to this song forever.

"Remember this?" DJ said nudging me with a smirk.

It was the part in the song Briana had practiced at my house that day.

"Shut up," I said with a fake laugh.

I'm not gonna lie, I was jealous of the guy she was dancing with. I know it was stupid to feel like this, but I couldn't help it.


After the show, we waited for Briana. When she finished talking to Caroline, she walked toward us.

"Soooo, did yall enjoy it?" she asked smiling.

You can tell she's pretty passionate about dance from her smile.

"Yeah, it was pretty dope! I didn't know you could dance like that girl," DJ said giving her a hug.

"Thanks! And what about you, sir?" she asked looking at me.

"You were really good. I enjoyed myself," I said.

"Thank youuu!"

She gave me the tightest hug and I didn't even wanna let go.

"Well I'm tired, so I'm gonna go. I'll text yall later," she said sleepily.

"Alright bye," me and DJ said simultaneously.

She walked to her car and drove off.

"I saw that," DJ said.

I sighed, "saw what?"

"The way you just watched her walk off. You're so obvious."

"Man whatever," I said trying to ignore it.

"Why won't you just tell her?"

"Because I don't want to get rejected."

I wasn't gonna tell Briana how I felt about her. Not so I can get friendzoned. Nope.

Even though I really want to.

-----Sorry if that was boring. I'll try to do better.-----

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