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Hey, lovelies.

This is a note that you shouldn't skip because it's going to be really important. 

First of all, you need to have read The Mafia and His Angel before reading this book. Or else, half of this book wouldn't make any sense. 

Second, this is the only warning you will get. This book is MATURE. Yes, there will explicit scenes. This book is recommended to 17+. It contains mature subject and dark themes such as explicit kidnapping, murder and rape. There's also explicit sex scenes. Read at your own risk. This book is not professional edited. 

If you have read TMAHA, then you know me and my writing. You know when I have a warning, I mean it. When I say it's going to be explicit, I mean it. So be warned and read at your own risk. If you have read TMAHA, then you already have been welcomed to this world. 

But I would like to welcome you again. Welcome to this f*cked up world...where the guys are a bit crazy and their women are a bit crazier. But when they fall in love, they fall hard and nothing can separate them.

With that said, here is the important part. 

As many of you know, I was requested by Radish to join them. With this being a great opportunity for me, I have accepted and finally have joined them.  

Yes, I am writing on Radish now. NO, I am NOT stopping on Wattpad. I will STILL be on wattpad. I am just opening my horizon and readers base by writing on Radish. This is such a great way for me to accomplish something bigger and also earn a few bucks by doing so.

So don't worry, you will still get my stories on wattpad for those who can't afford to pay. But I am hoping...very much hoping that some of you will support me there, just like you have supported me on wattpad.

The Mafia and His obsession will be posted on BOTH site. But here is the catch and unfortunately, this is not in my hand. This is Radish rule and what I agreed to by joining them. Chapters will be posted on Radish FIRST, and then on wattpad. So you will get more chapter there and in advance, than on wattpad.

So here is how it will work. First day of upload, I will publish Prologue to chapter 4 (5 chapters in all) on Radish and simultaneously, I will update only Prologue on wattpad.

From then on, when I update chapter 6 on Radish, I will update chapter 1 on Wattpad. Chapter 7 on Radish, chapter 2 on wattpad. Radish will always have advance chapters. I hope that makes sense. But again, I am not leaving you guys out. You will still get at least one chapter per week.

This is balancing both of my desire to accomplish something further and to also continue showing my love to guys. Your support has gotten me where I am today and I will forever be grateful for that. It is something that cannot be forgotten and will not be forgotten.

So this is my not so little note about what's going on and how this will work from now on. I hope you guys support me in this next step, which I will appreciate so much more.

This is the end....and now you can go ahead and start reading. 

Happy reading and enjoy.

Love, Lylah xoxo


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