17. betrayal with a capital E

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"Please don't call me that, Jay. Not right now, please." Carlos muttered, sniffling.

Jay sighed and nodded -- even though Carlos couldn't see him. He walked away and walked back to the room he slept in, grabbing the suitcase he brought full of clothes and pulling out the outfit for the day. He closed the door and started stripping from his night clothes, throwing on the outfit he picked. He grabbed his original, daily beanie and covered the mess that was the top of his head. He laced up his leather boots and started walking out the door, stopping mid-way at Carlos's door, looking back at it sadly; but he continued on walking out, rushing down the stairs and grabbing a protein bar from the kitchen and darting out the door, making sure to grab his car keys.

His backpack was already in the car, so once he had climbed in, he shoved the keys into the ignition and started the car. He drove out of the parking lot and started driving his way to school.


"Evie! Will you slow down?! You're gonna break your ankle walking that fast in those heels!" Mal spat as she chased Evie down the school hall. Evie only ignored her and walked faster, her blue hair bouncing with every step she took, and her heels clicking on the floor loudly. Mal kept on whisper-shouting her name, but Evie kept on walking away from her, throwing her hair back and pushing students out of her way. "Evie! Stop walking so fast, I'm already out of breath!"

That's when Evie snapped around, stopping in the middle of the hallway, her body turned front but her head craned back to look at Mal. "What?!" Her fist were clenched and her cheeks were red, plus she was clutching her book bag extra hard her knuckles were white. "Can't you leave me alone?! I want to get to class on time!" She snapped, sticking her head out.

"Classes don't start until 8:30. It's 7:57." Mal retorted, "I just wanted to talk to you, why are you getting all snappy and mean?" She asked, eyebrows furrowed.

"Because I don't want to talk, so leave me alone, thank you." She said in a sing-song voice, about to turn back around and continue stomping around the hall, but Mal grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the side by the lockers. "Mal! Let go of me! What has gone into you?!"

"What's gotten into me?!" Mal pointed at herself, clearly offended, "What's gotten into you?! You're the one who lied to Carlos about Jay kissing Audrey when Audrey was the one who kissed him! Not Jay! How could you hurt Carlos like that?!" Mal accused, making Evie's face soften at her words, "Carlos is probably crying and feeling confused, and poor Jay, we just met him and he probably feels like coming here was a mistake! How could you be so cruel?! That isn't like you, Evie, I just know it isn't."

Evie looked at the floor and then at Mal, suddenly feeling guilty, "It wasn't my intention to make them feel like that, the words just slipped." She shrugged, her voice low.

Mal scoffed, "Please, Evie. You care about Carlos and his happiness too much to let yourself say those words. What's wrong, E? Please tell me, I want to help." She rubbed at Evie's tense shoulder.

"I don't know, really." Evie sighed, "I've been feeling weird around Jay lately, and I just - I don't -- I like Jay." She blurted, quickly covering her mouth as to take back what she said.

Mal's green eyes widened and she stared at Evie in shock, "Why didn't you say anything?! You didn't have to do it like that!" Mal stated, sounding harsh.

"Why are you making me feel like the bad guy here?!" Evie snapped, feeling defensive.

"Because you are, Evie." She stuck out her head, lowering her eyes at her.

Evie backed up, "I didn't do anything wrong, so I don't know why you're blaming me." She rolled her eyes, trying to act innocent.

Mal sighed and turned her head, just in time to see Jay marching over their way. She snapped her head back, her hair falling on her shoulders, "Fine, but here comes Jay. Try dealing with this on your own, because you didn't do anything wrong." Mal mimicked, going behind Evie.

Evie stopped twirling her hair around her finger and looked at Mal, and then at Jay, who was suddenly in front of her. She yelped and took a step back, but Mal pushed her right to where she was. Evie smacked her lips and glared at Mal.


Evie let out a yelp again, her hands shooting up towards her hair, feeling small, "What?" She argued, trying to hide her act.

Jay laughed a laugh so mechanically evil that it scared both Mal and Evie, "What?! You want to know what?!" He laughed, smiling, "I'll tell you what!" He continued laughing, "You broke Carlos's heart, and mine, too!" Jay's laugh became sarcastic now, "But it's okay, because you proved that you truly only care about yourself." Jay's laugh died down, and Evie frowned, "Not only did you lie to one of your best friends, but you also basically shoved a knife through his back and just laughed and kicked him while he cried. Now, I have so much of respect for woman, they do great things in this world not gonna lie," Jay nodded, "But right now you're basically shaming your gender nation by being a female dog."

Mal and Evie gasped, both sitting up straight.

"And I'm sorry, I truly am, but it was just as required for me to say it was it was required for you to basically rip Carlos's heart out. You know he's having trust issues? Not before this, no. After he broke up with Benjamin, it's hard for him to trust people, but I told him that it was okay and that I would never hurt him, because I wouldn't. But because of your filthy little lie, he won't open his door for me to at least ask him if he's having breakfast or if Dude has eaten yet."

Evie looked at the ground, ashamed.

"Good job, Evie, good job. You've won the game of best female douche bag. Do you want a boyfriend now? Because you're certainly not getting one." Jay looked her up and down before walking away, making sure to rub at Mal's shoulder first and then leaving.

When Evie looked back, Mal was following Jay down the hall, talking quietly. Her vision started blurring, and tears were filling her hazel eyes.

She wasn't getting a boyfriend soon.





BECAUSE THAT WASN'T ME THAT WAS ADEELYNE (weregonnabeevil on insta)

now, im pretty sure some of you weren't expecting cutie pattotie, sweet angel evie to do that, she's a princess and loves her baby brother carlos

i apologize on my behalf and on adeelyne's behalf, things will soon be good again

once more, i am sorry, this will never happen again

until next time, jaylosers!


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