Chapter 2

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With Ookurikara

"So Ookurikara you are going to stay here and receive the guests its a direct order from aruji-sama" said Hasebe

"Hn I understand you are going back to the citadel now right?" Asked Yuki with the stoic face he always shows them

"Right and don't forget to do the cleaning before they arrive" and hasebe keeps talking and talking until he left with the others, Yuki sighs tiredly "ugh finally they left better clean this place"

Suddenly he received a call from Takeda

(Takeda) (Yuki)

"Oh hello Take-san"

"Oh Yuki-kun we've met with the other schools"

"Good Good but why did you call?"

"Ah yes, we wanted to know when are you coming to pick us up?"

"Right about that I need to finish in a few mins and I will be there with the bus to pick you all up so in 10 mins are you all in karasuno right?"

"Yes we are all here"

"Good in ten minutes I will be there"

"OK I will tell them bye"

"See you later"

With the teachers

"So how did it go?" Asked Ukai

"Well he said that he will arrive here in ten mins to pick us up," said Takeda-sensei

"It seems you two already met this person," said nekomata

"He seems interesting," said Irihata

With the students

"Alright, I already sent you the pics you wanted from him but still why do you want them?" Asked Shouyo

"Umm you could say he has a gorgeous body and is sexy," said Nishinoya

"Who are you talking about?" Asked Oikawa

"We are talking about Hinata's half brother," said Daichi

"Take-san! When is he coming?" Asked Tanaka

"Oh guys he is coming in ten mins to pick us up," said Takeda-sensei

Time skip

They see a large bus going towards their direction it stops and the front door opens to show this

They see a large bus going towards their direction it stops and the front door opens to show this

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All those who didn't know him were with wide eyes and their mouths wide open

"Oh hey, guys is everyone ready?" Said Yuki
"And before I forget those who Don't know me I'm Hinata Ookurikara Yuki half brother of Hinata Shouyo nice to meet you"

"Oh your early Yuki-kun," said Takeda

"Hahahaha it seems I ended earlier than expected," said Yuki "anyways I'm going to do a roll call and those who I name are going in and search for their names on the seat ok?"

Everyone said "Hai~"

"Let's start with karasuno: Sawamura Daichi"

"Here!" Said Daichi and goes in the bus

"Sugawara Koushi" "h-here!" Does the same as Daichi "Azumane Asahi" "Here!" "Tanaka Ryuunosuke" "Here!" "Nishinoya Yuu" "Here!" "Ennoshita Chikara" "Here!" "Kinoshita Hisashi" "Here!" "Narita Kazuhito" "Here!" "Tsukishima Kei" "Here..." "Yamaguchi Tadashi" "H-here!" "Kageyama Tobio" "OSU!" "Hinata Shouyo" "Here Aniki!"

"Ok the teachers' coaches and managers all can go inside I will continue with the other schools Aoba Josai: Oikawa Tooru, Matsukawa Issei, Hanamaki Takahiro, Iwaizumi Hajime, Watari Shinji, Kindaichi Yuutaro, Kunimi Akira, Shigeru Yanaba, Kentaro Kyotani."

Time skip she all of them are inside the bus

"Wow, this bus is big!" Said Shouyo

"Hahahaha we only use this when we have many people to pick up so don't worry," said Yuki and pickups the mic "um everyone please pay attention I want you to know that I'm going to be your driver and when we arrive there please behave the workers there don't like big noises or distractions and if you are hungry or thirsty go to the back of the bus and pick something there but please return to your seats after you have picked something thank you and enjoy the trip"


I'm going to cut this chapter here since I don't have any ideas of what they're going to do while going to the HQ and what are they going to do in the HQ so if anyone has suggestions or ideas for the next chapter I will gladly accept it

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