Chapter 2

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Chapter two:

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[Jacob’s POV]

Holy damn what the hell just happened?

The question had been pounding through my head ever since I watched Sasha’s sexy ass sway out of my office. I always found her intriguing and beautiful but I never looked at her in a sexual partner kind of way due to her friendship with my twin.

It was odd to think that Jenna was the one pushing for us to sleep together. But at the moment I couldn’t thank her enough. Note to self, buy Jenna a huge Christmas present!

I noticed that I was still standing up staring at my door and quickly sat at my desk before someone noticed me acting like an idiot. I went through my emails and replied to whatever needed to be dealt with urgently. Thankfully there wasn’t much paperwork today so I started on them. All of a sudden a thought hit me and I quickly walked over to Sasha’s office.

She had an adjoining door to my office as well as another door that opened to the rest of the outside office so I used the adjoining one. I peeked in and saw that she’d taken off her blazer and had a few buttons undone, oh wait no, those button were missing from our little escapade.

I grinned and noticed her cleavage swell up everytime she took a breath and I felt my mouth watering. Fuck, get a hold on yourself Jacob! You’re acting a randy teenager! Just as I was about to speak she closed her eyes and leaned back stretching her arms above her head. Her breasts perked up higher and her neck was oh so exposed that I felt myself harden at the sight.

“Well isn’t that a sight to see.” I said trying to sound casual. She turned and grinned shaking her head.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,”  I heard her say, “What can I help you with Jake?”

“Oh so many things Sasha, if what we did earlier was anything to say the least. But for now I needed to ask you a question.” She quirked an eyebrow and slid her chair out so she was facing me.

“Yeah sure, what’s up?”

“Well we uh, didn’t use a condom. I’ve always used one before so I don’t have anything I can pass onto you, I was just wondering if you were-“

“I’m on the pill, don’t worry. I’ve been it when I starting thinking up of my experiment and I don’t have anything to pass onto you either. “ She smiled, “Um, well since were on the topic... I was wondering if you would want to go out for a drink or dinner or something while we discuss my experiment?”

“Yes, that’d be a good idea. How about tonight? We can finish up early and head out for dinner at seven o’clock? How does that sound?” I asked.

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