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----------End of AN

Will POV

Do you ever get a strange compulsion that just tells you to do something? Well, I just did.

I was sitting under a big tree that I'm too lazy to describe, pondering over this Tristan and Mags's relationship. Suddenly, there was this voice that went, "Will, you stupid oaf, go to the river."

I pondered out loud, "Where's the river?"

"Take five steps forward, make a legal left turn while checking out for traffic, and then walk for .5 meters. Recalculating. Take a righ-recalculating..."


"Just go! It's over there! Behind the trees!"

I got up and ran towards the river. Somehow, this felt like an urgent situation.

Tristan/Triton POV

I looked at the beautiful fish struggling in my palm. Too bad I have to eat it.

'No!' something within me screamed. 'You love her!'

I smirked. Tristan? Trying to defy me? Impossible! I don't...love this...creature...? He...can't...defy...my power!...can he?

Liz POV (Mags's sister, in case you forgot)

I awoke beside a gigantic tree. What the heck was I doing here? I was suppose to be keeping watch, so Triton can finish off my little sister. Unless...my prophetic side took over and delivered a message to someone! Ugh, my head hurts like crazy. I struggled to my feet and sniffed the air. Hmmm... I smirked. Will, I know what you are.

Mags POV

I stared up into Tris-I mean, Triton's eyes. They were red, but somewhat glazed over. What was happening?

Will POV

I ran past the trees and saw the most beautiful creature ever. A fish! Which reminds me, I'm kind of hungry.


What will happen now? Will Mags get eaten? Well, no. I'm not even going to bother hiding that. If she gets eaten, the story ends right there, and that's not my goal. I'm going to try finishing a story for once in my life.

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