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day 5: sogeum cathedral, 0736 hours.

when jungkook finally comes to, he is greeted by the faint mellifluous music of carols and choirs in the faraway distance, echoing around the expanse of space he lays in while the sun shines bright through the colorful glass from above, shrouding him in rainbow rays and painting him a picture of fine pulchritude. he is laying on cold stone-- an altar, he notices, judging from the tingles of ice that run up his veins when skin meets marble. the smell of jasmine hangs in the air, and jungkook breathes slowly, mind still clouded by the thick fog of confusion. everything is hazy.

when he blinks out the blaring blue sunlight in his eyes and he takes the time to look around, he sees vibrant mosaics etched on olden domes, and with a painful pang in his heaving chest, he is suddenly reminded of the stark white temple he stumbled upon at the brink of death, where he met his gateway to the universe.

all at once, jungkook sits up beyond lightspeed, breaths coming out ragged as he looks around and the memories of days past finally return to the home known as his mind. fire is dancing through his bloodstream and it threatens to release, anxiety burning up and ready to erupt in one chaotic firestorm. it's pulsing all too much, but he works to fight it down and drown it out like he did throughout most of his childhood.

when the fire does put out, jungkook lets out one relieved breath he's been holding on for much too long and collapses back on the chiseled stone, breathing heavily as his doe eyes flit around the atmosphere, fluttering like monarch butterflies on vibrant days of spring.

when his mind clears up and he can finally think coherently without the fire burning his mind out, jungkook looks to his right and sees the figure of a young man, dressed in white robes and ethereal light. he thinks he's seeing god but this place is no heaven when his certain someone is missing.

"you're awake," the man says to him curiously, head tilted to the side. "that's good. you've been out for much too long. almost an entire day."

"what?" his eyes widen and he sits up once again. the fire is dancing again but he keeps it ultimately subdued, keeps it dead like all his past dreams. "no. that-- that's already very late. i have to go now, she--" jungkook releases a frustrated breath, looks at the man in white before him. "where am i?"

the man looks up at the mosaics that twinkle above them. jungkook looks up, too. he sees roses, twenty-two cards, and two pretty men-- one holding the moon in his hand while the other playing with strings. strange mosaic, yes. he's never seen pieces like these anywhere before.

"sogeum cathedral. you're in sogeum, jungkook-ssi," the man tells him, and jungkook blinks in surprise.

"you know my name?" he questions.

the boy smiles softly, but jungkook doesn't dismiss the flowers of melancholy that grow by the corners of his lips. all of a sudden, something hurts in jungkook's stone heart, some kind of pity that grows from small seeds that fall from wilting flora.

the boy does not tear his gaze away from him. "my name is youngjae. i am a priest here, at the cathedral. one of the nuns found you lying in the outskirts of town when she was on the way here. she brought you here, to me, so here you are now. you were in quite the bad shape from several mortal wounds, but the people here managed to patch you up," a brief pause causes silence to deafeningly echo around the dome, and jungkook blinks slow.

youngjae looks up at him, with sad eyes that hold eons of history. jungkook is vaguely reminded of yerim, and the knowledge of her absence stings at his heart, like it always does. "if i may ask; what were you doing here, jungkook?"

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