"Wow. Kayla Lornet commented on your photo." I turned to look at my best friend Lindsay, sitting at my desk logged into my Facebook account.

"Ew. Loser. What'd she say?" I asked. Kayla wasn't very cool. I mean, she wasn't a total loser like Jenna McCoy, who, for the past 3 years, had brought her lunch to school in a briefcase.

But still not cool enough to hang with me and my crew.

"She said, 'Alison, you are SOO gorgeous! I wish I looked like you!' Ha ha" Lindsay tried her best to mimic Kayla's annoyingly high-pitched voice.

I laughed, "Reply for me. Say 'Kayla, don't say that, you are TOO pretty!'" FAKE. Kayla didn't wear makeup, she brushed her hair twice a day, if at all, and she bought all her clothes at Old Navy.

After typing my reply, Lindsay hopped off her seat and plopped back down onto my furry pink beanbag chair. She opened a bag of chips and turned on my TV.

"What are we gonna do today, Ali?" She asked, with a mouthfull of Dorito's.

I laughed, "You are disgusting."

Suddenly, my mom walked into my room. I don't remember the last time she was in here. A few years ago, 8th grade maybe, I had told her never to come into my room. If she did I would never speak to her again. A little harsh, but it worked considering she never came for a whole year.

"Way to knock first Mom." I said. She gave me an irritated look, the same one she always gives me, and gestured for me to come out into the hallway with her.

I sighed, and stepped out of my room.

Annoyingly, I asked my mom, "What is it?"

 "You remember Hallie Pearson, right? You two were best friends in elementary school."

I sighed. Yes, I remembered Hallie. We used to be the best friends that anybody could ever have. That is, until 7th grade.

Hallie was nice and super pretty. But she just needed to grow up. Over the summer she was still wearing a one-piece and insisted on having play dates, instead of just hanging out.

I loved Hallie, she was my first real best friend. But after a huge fight mid-6th grade, we never spoke again.

"People grow apart" Is what I had explained to my mom when she tried to set me and Hallie up for another play date a few weeks after our friendship had ended.

"Moooom. Hallie and I aren't really friends anymore." I told her.

She looked hurt and I felt bad. My mom and her mom had known each other since me and Hallie met. And all parents know that if your kid isn't friends with somebody anymore, then you can't be friends with their parents.

"What happened, sweetie?" My mom asked, resting her hand on my shoulder. "Did you get in a fight?"

"No." I lied. "We just grew apart. She needs some time to grow up." I replied sharply.

From that day on, I did my very best to become the most popular girl at school. I didn't care who I hurt, how many hearts I broke, as long as I could prove to Hallie that I didn't need to be friends with a loser like her.

"What about Hallie?" I asked my mom, returning to our conversation.

"Her parents are going on a trip for a month and I offered to let Hallie stay with us." So she was still talking to Hallie's parents. Traitor.

"Thanks Mom. You know me and Hallie aren't friends anymore, right?" I cannot believe she would do this to me.

"I thought it'd be nice. Also, a good way for you two to start up your friendship again. Let her hangout with you and your friends, it will be so much fun!" She said excitedly.

"Your ruining my life Mom." I yelled, storming back into my room.

"Something wrong?" Lindsay asked, still devouring her chip bag while watching reruns of Degrassi.

"Geuss who gets to spend almost half her summer vacation with Hallie Pearson." I sighed, plopping down onto my other beanbag chair.

Lindsay gasped, "God no. Why?"

"Her parents are going away and my mom, of course, is letting her stay here. FOR A WHOLE ENTIRE MONTH. Kill me."

Lindsay laughed. 

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