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Bell: I'm so excited I'm starting my job today! 

Melissa: that's cool what time do you get out? 

Bell: I don't know.... I'm gonna have to ask. Well this is my buss stop I'll see you later.

Melissa: okay.  I'll text you.

Bell: okay bye

Melissa: bye.

Bell comes out of the bus and then she goes to the subway. Once she swipe her card she went to the subway and she was waiting for the train.

Bell: now I just have to wait...


Nathaniel: (laughs) not even you just got lucky that one time.

John: yea okay. Whatever your just jealous that I finally beat you . 

Nathaniel: okay whatever you say john! (laughs)

John:(laughs)... Wow that's the first time I ever saw Her Here. 

Nathaniel: who?

John points at bell.

John: I bet you I can get her. Number.

Nathaniel: yea good luck with that. 

John: what is that suppose to mean?

Nathaniel: I mean that she doesn't look like your typical easy girl. 

John: watch me get her number. 

Nathaniel: okay but don't say I didn't warn you.

John goes up to bell

John: hey

Bell: hi

John: um this is the first time I see you here.

Bell: yea this is my first time on the subway.

John: o where you heading too?

Bell: to this place right here

She point at her map.

John: o that's were my buddy is stopping at.

Bell: really that's cool.

John: yeah .... SPeaking of my buddy he actually thinks your kinda cute. And he asked me to get your number.

Bell: oh really? And why didn't he came and ask me himself?

John:o cause he's the shy type. He doesn't really know how to talk to girls that good he like blackout sometimes.

Bell: aw poor guy. And where is he?

John: right over there.

He points at Nathaniel. And he is talking to a girl.

Bell: o yea he's really shy around girls .(laughs)

John: o thats just his cousin. He's not shy around them.look watch... NATHANIEL! Come over here!

Nathaniel: so I'll see you later.

Girl: okay bye. Call me.

She leaves.

Nathaniel: what's up

John: Nathaniel this is....

Bell: bell. 

John: she wanted me to prove that your shy around pretty girls like her.

Bell: yea I did but from what I see your friend was lying cause if you were shy then you'll act all nervous. (laughs) 

John: well my train is here so I can't really explain myself so Nathaniel can show you that I was right that I wasn't telling a lie.  Right buddy!

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