53. For The Record

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"So, what have you got for me Mia?"  Jay asked suggestively.

I was here in his home, our home now and I felt like I could be, could do, anything.  I felt bulletproof.  I was fearless, I was free and I was so fucking turned on.

I was thinking back to the first night I 'seduced' him out here and was hoping for the same outcome.

This time, there was no striptease, but I reached for his phone and turned on some music and danced. I closed my eyes and swayed to the music, eventually relaxing and moving my hands over my body.

Jay seemed to purposely keep his hands to himself, but his eyes followed every single movement I made.

I ran my fingers through my hair and held it high, giving him an unimpeded view of my body.

"Do you like what you see baby?"

I asked as I bent my knees and continued to sway my hips, my breasts at eye level for him.

Before he could answer, I continued. Reaching down to rub my hands over my breasts, I moaned in response to the contact and the deep growl that left his throat.

"Oh baby, I think you like watching me." I teased.

I just hoped Jay was getting as excited as I was. 

When I lowered myself to my knees and again reached for his hot, hard cock my body almost exploded at his response.

"You want me to suck your cock baby?"  I asked as I flicked my tongue across his glistening tip.

His response was to tangle his hands in my hair and lower my head until my mouth took him fully.  I placed my hands on his now bare upper thighs, my nails biting into his skin as he pushed himself deeper with each thrust.

"That's it baby, take my fucking cock."  I loved his voice this way, I loved his forcefulness. 

I just fucking loved him and wanted to make tonight all about his pleasure.

In true Jay style, he was taking control and I loved every minute of it. Tonight, just for tonight, I wanted to be his whore. I was so fucking ready to do anything he asked.

Well, maybe it wasn't only tonight. Maybe I really did always feel that way. The thought didn't upset me, it comforted me. It confirmed that I had made the right decision. The only decision.

He thrust deeper and deeper and although I gagged, I didn't pull back. I would give him what he wanted. And tonight he wanted the whore I said I'd be.

"I want you to cum in my mouth."  I mumbled as I pulled back and circled my tongue over his tip.

"I fucking intend to Mia."  He grunted as he pushed himself to the back of my throat. 

And I thought I was controlling this, because?

His grip tightened in my hair and I opened my throat as I was met with deep thrust after deep thrust.

When he growled low in his throat and held me against him, I swallowed stream after stream of his warm, thick release.

"I fucking love seeing my cum on your lips Mia." He rasped as he guided my head away from him and I licked the last of his cum from his twitching cock.

I smiled at him shyly. "Oh, fuck no baby. You're not going shy on me now. You're going to do every dirty thing your little 'performance' has made me think of."

I pulled his jeans and boxers off and he helped me back to my feet and sat back, waiting for my next move.  I moved behind him, my hands rubbing over his chest as I nipped his neck.

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