He loves when you wear his clothes

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Drew: he loves when you wear his tank tops cause it shows off your body from the side an bra. Plus he says you look so innocent cause its 10 times bigger than you.

Wes: he loves when you wear his yums SnapBack cause its shows off your eyes. plus he will take pics of you when you not looking an you will have it on backwards or you are hiding your face behind the bib.

Keaton: he loves when you wear his glasses you have glasses an you forget to put in contacts an then you don't have glasses so you wear his. He love when you wear them cause you looks really cute an when you read or try to concentrate in then you pull your eyes together an bite the inside of the side of your mouth.

Sorry I haven't been writing a lot has gone on at school it's a lot of drama an there is this guy I'm so confused with so yea love y'all

I love my amazing martinis



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