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A week later, on a lazy Sunday morning Louis is nearly finishing his first edge of the day when Harry wakes up. He whines when Harry plays with his nipples without even saying anything. Harry smiles and kisses him gently.
"Good boy."

When he is finished he curls up with Harry, careful not to brush too close in case it sets him off. Soon the urge to pee becomes too much to withstand and Louis climbs out of bed and walks to the bathroom. Harry watches him with a bitten lip, eyeing the baggy boxers he's wearing and scratching his belly. Louis makes to go past him on his way out of he bathroom but Harry grabs him and pulls him on top of him. He giggles and leans down to kiss him slowly, lips parting to make way for each other.

"Are these mine?" Harry asks as he snaps the waistband against his skin. Louis yelps and nods.
"That's so hot. You...are...brilliant," Harry whispers. Louis whimpers when he squeezes his bum, pushing his semi into Harry's hip, still hard after his first edge of the day.
"You are a tease," Louis grumbles. "How many days left now?"

Harry glances over at the chalkboard.
"Well it would've been 42, but someone forgot to do all of his edges yesterday. So it's actually 47."
"Noooo, daddy that's not fair. I'm already having to change my underwear twice a day," Louis pouts, his face heating up at his confession.

Harry grins, rearranging them so Louis is on his back on the bed, legs spread wide. He presses himself up to Louis side and props himself up so he can see all of Louis.
"And why is that, baby?" Harry asks as he tugs Louis' -his- boxers down.
"Daddy!" Louis whines. Harry tuts and squeezes Louis' balls. Louis gasps and whimpers with each short breath. His hips rise and shift to try and get away from Harry's hand.

"Answer my question, princess," Harry demands. He watches Louis writhe and squirm and pant and sweat.
"Because Im always dripping, daddy!" Louis shouts. Harry let's go and kisses his lips quickly.

"Good boy. So dirty aren't you? Always so horny and desperate, but never allowed to come," Harry coos and pets his balls.
"That- was - mean," Louis pants. Harry chuckles.
"Sorry baby. Next time you'll answer daddy won't you?"
"Yes daddy," Louis says quickly. "C-can I touch you?"
"I'd like that, princess. That sounds wonderful."

When Harry has changed the chalkboard, accounting for Louis' five added days and the orgasm he has just had, he lies with Louis again and asks him to read it to him.

"I need to edge 7 times a day. I have 47 days left. I have 328 edges left in total. Six for today and seven for the next 46 days. I need to make you come 49 more times before I can come," Louis sighs. "I really need to blow you more."
"I won't complain," Harry laughs. Louis smiles softly when Harry kisses him. "How about you edge once more and I put your plug that connects to my phone in you? We can go see a film and you can edge while we watch," Harry suggests.
"Can we watch Moana?" Louis asks, ignoring the rest of it.
"I take that as a yes to the other stuff?" Harry laughs and gets up to get dressed.
"Yes, daddy. It sounds very good," Louis grins and starts touching himself casually, Harry stopping to watch.
"Yes we can watch Moana. Good boy, Lou. So pretty and good for me. Amazing."

Harry picks out Louis' clothes and waits for him to reach the edge before flipping him over onto his belly. Louis whines as his dick rubs against the sheets.
"Stay still, darling. Your bruises are fading," Harry comments as he circles Louis' hole with slick fingers.
"They don't hurt as much anymore, but I can still- oh- feel them when I sit down. It's nice," Louis gasps and tries to keep his hips still as Harry pushes in two fingers and presses his other hand into the bruises.

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