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As if a cat hunting a mouse, it stays in the shadows watching and testing. There was a woman in the distance, the mysterious female's gaze made the boy a target; he shrunk where he stood, captivated by her beauty. Her soft-structured skull was covered with hair that was so plentiful and big, it reminded me of rich brown clumpy soil after a light shower has just passed. Her skin was a beige tone and she looked like the goddess Athena, the way her eyes gleamed with such a fire, the muscles in her legs made her even fiercer, and the way she positioned herself… this was no ordinary person. But, this beauty was not here to greet him,heck if I knew her! I don’t even know my own name, the boy thought reasonably.

“Two shall become one when false memories go back from wince they came.” All rational thoughts seized once he heard what the aerial-like being had prophesied. The boy without a name was shocked, he wiped the nervous sweat off from his brow and gulped. His dream was coming to an end, black blanketed his mind.

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