our day

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  I could not be happier while she was shopping I made some calls and visits. I set up the restaurant  thing where they would play "Forever my lady" our song when I got on one knee. Watching her sleep a couple nights ago made me want to marry her. I love her son as much as I love her. I talked to Farah and she encouraged me. She really likes Jezzy's a lot. I had already made some wedding place 3 weeks in advance but I made them down here. It didn't take long Farah knew places and with the money I was giving them they didn't deny. I hired Amanda to take the measure measurements for Jezzy's dress. I already knew what dress she wanted I saw her looking in a catalog.  It was a white empire waist dress that was strapless. It was lined with pearls along the top and bottom. They veil I picked out was laced and had a crown type thing to put it on the top of her head. It was a mermaid flair. I was taking Jezzy to go see it today.

"Baby where we going?" she asks.

"Baby don't worry about it"  I say. She has no idea I flew out her family and flew out a few of mine. I have Bailey waiting at the bridal shop I picked out a few more dresses from her. I pull up.

"Baby we getting my dress!"she says excitedly.

"Yes I picked out a few its your fitting I got Amanda to do some measurement but this is to be sure" I explains. She smiles and kisses me on the lips.

"I love you" she says. I smile.

"I love you too" I say.

      After a few dresses she went with the first one I picked out. Bailey and her were little kids in a candy store. I was bouncing Yevonny and talking to Farah. My phone went off. I look at the number instantly recognize it as Miranda's and sends it to voicemail. I dropped her completely. After what she did there is no way I was gonna stay with her. I look at my fiance……wow it feels good to say that but I look at her while she glows with happiness. I cant help but smile. I love this girl so much. Don't get me wrong I still love Miranda but Jezzy has my heart and always had. My phone goes off again. I huff and  look at the caller idea its Raven. Shit.

"Farah hold him for me I'll be back"I say. Farah gets Yevonny they play with one another. I walk outside.

"What?" I answer.

"Rude and congrats on the wedding"Raven says. My face falls how does she know about that's.

"I got sources you really don't think I don't have someone watching you tsk tsk you should know me by now" she says.

"What is it?" I ask.

"When you come back I need you and Leslie to take out a few hits I'ma be nice and let you marry this broad not happily."she huffs.

"Did you know I was gonna ask you to marry me when you left?" she asks. I freeze.

"No" I get out.

"Exactly but its alright long as she dont get in the way of our business we're good." She says. I sigh.

"Its next week my wedding day" I say.

"Awh cute but I needed you back up here by that following week gives you time for a honey moon and shit" she says.

"Alright" I say and hang up. I go back in and see Jezzy twirling in this white dress with a corset top and a mermaid flair. The corset top was lace and lined with diamonds. She look absolutely amazing.

"Wow baby you look beautiful."I say speechless.

"You think so?" she asks.

"Yes I know so this the one?" I asks.

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