A Mothers Anguish. Part 58

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31st December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I don't think there was a mother here that didn't feel any any kind of anguish after watching that film.

After we all talked about it, we think that these two films were deliberately left to be not developed because of the pain that Violet may have and probably would have felt when seeing them again. After experiencing them for herself, she wouldn't have wanted to see them either we think.

Although we were wondering what on earth George had done. It didn't look like he was the cause of the accident at all from what Violet herself had said when the three friends, Maggie, Donna and herself, had gotten together and drunk themselves silly from what we gather. 

But having May fill us in a few extra details, watching that film helped us to understand a little of what Violet had gone through all those years ago.

" What about a story? Didn't you say we were going to have a story?" I heard one of the teenagers ask their parents. But I guess it has been an emotional evening for us all and I saw Barb shake her head a little when she was asked.

She looked like she had a very sad and disappointed look on her face after watching the film. I guess finding out that your grandmother isn't really your grandmother and was a baby thief instead would disappoint anyone I would hazard a guess. 

But when I went inside to have a quick chat with her, I found that she had disappeared along with the diaries in that satchel they had been in for many years.

It reminded me of that photo that we all saw earlier today. The one of Bobby's so called parents, Rupert and Florence. If there was a mystery there, it had to have been written into those diaries somewhere among it's many pages.

It had been a little later than I thought and after getting aunt Patrice settled, both Reid and I said goodnight to everyone before settling in for the night ourselves. 


The next day we found that a few of the family members who were not related to the Joifield's were all heading off home. So lunch time was going to be our last meal with everyone before the majority of them all left.

And when they did, it was like there is only half a dozen or so caravans, not counting tents the teens were sleeping in, were the only ones left.

In other words, Daniel and Jenelle and their families were all still here along with Micah, Jilly and their family. Rhys twin sisters along with their husbands, one being a favorite with everyone who was called uncle Joey, had all left to go back home up to the territory before heading back to the states where they live. Not Rhys though. He and Letty live down Sydney way. 

So, looking around to see who was still here was all of Teddy and Donna's children and their families. There was Robbie who married Joy's daughter Jullianne who was Bobby Joifields granddaughter and there family. The eldest, Jaxon, who surprised everyone and married Barb at the same time Reid and I married.

Then there was Joseph and Debborah and their families who also stayed. Then there was Maggie May who was an exceptionally beautiful woman for her age who was married to a very loving man called Dylan. Rumor had it that he ran off when he found out that Maggie had gotten pregnant to him.

When Maggie got her hands on him after that, he had sported a nasty black eye for weeks according to what Jullianne had said. I had to laugh when I found out that Maggie lives up to her name sake since she was the one who decked him. Her and Dylan went on to have four children who were also staying around and spending time with all the 'old's', as they like to call them.

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