Cause of death (Andy biersack love story)

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I dedicate this story to Sarahscars13 bvbrebel xxlostinwonderlandxx and obsession_depression for giving me suggetsions for names for this story on instagram and a few others who texted me names who asked their names not be mentioned so thank you all every suggestion was great


Andy biersack

Jake pitts


Ashley purdy

Christian coma (CC)

 U know them they r bvb but you don't know cause of death a new band who you will know all about later.


Kayla Michelle Turner: Sings in the band. Blonde reddish hair on the top but under it/ on the insides it is black (basically the botton layer is black but they are both the same length) that is 3 inches below her shoulders her parents got divorced and her dad left taking her big brother away from her and her mom. Her mom got remarried and kayla changed her last name to her stepdad's. Her brother is ashley purdy.

Alexis taylor smith: Nicknamed lexi. Plays: Drums shoulder length light brown hair

Destiny Rae smith: Plays lead Guitar Has shoulder length Dark brown hair.

Zander Scar Knight: Plays bass for the band. Very protective of kayla (they used to date) Black hair

Damon Kai Ashburg: Plays Guitar has black hair always the jokester

So here is chapter 1 of cause of death my bvb love story



Hi! I'm Kayla. I am 17 years old and i'm the lead singer of my band Cause of death. We are the type of kids that people call emo and avoid becuase we are "werid". I love hardcore bands like motley crue kiss Escape the fate Falling in reverse Asking alexandria the devil wears prada and attack attack. But my favorite band of all time is black veil brides. I was going to their concert tonight with my bandmates. I grabbed my BVB t-shirt and black skinny jeans i put them on and flat ironed my hair. I never tease it because i am too lazy. I put on my knee high tops and I put my makeup on I didn't do all the makeup like bvb just my everyday makeup because once again I'm lazy. I put on my choker and my Locket that my dad gave me when he left. I grabbed my black iphone and ran downstairs and Called the band. They were about 30 seconds away. I kissed my mom goodbye andwalked out the door and into Zander's black hummer i got shotgun because i always called it. :)

When we got to the venue we got out and walked in. We all had enough money saved to buy backstage passes. So we walked to our seats taht were in the front of course! We waited as it got later and we finally heard and shout "We are the black veil brides!" and the stage was covered in smoke they all ran on stage excitedly. They sang all their songs from Set the world on fire and a few from We stitch these wounds. We all walked towards the stage and Showedour passes to the security guard he called someone through his headset and a woman showed up and guided us to a room with couches and instruments.

Zander picked up the bass and walked to the couch he grabbed me into his arms "You want to learn how to play?" H easked me i nodded and sat next to him. He put my hands on the neck and satrteed to guide my fingers to play one of our songs. I smiled we had been playing for a little while when the guys walked in and Ashley began to look worried he looked over at us playing his bass and grabbed it away from us "One rue i have for fansNO. TOUCHING. MY. BASS." He said pausing after every word. Zander gave me a loo silently asking me if i was okay. I nodded a little. "Hi i'm andy thats ashley jinxx jake and CC" I smiled "it's very nice to meet you." I said. Lexi ran up and hugged all of them ashley kind of twitched i could tell he was still pissed about the bass thing. I started to play with my locket "That's a really pretty necklace. where fid you get it?" Destiny said. I looked up realizing i never told her about it." I looked at everyone and at zander last he nodded signaling to tell her. " Destinee you know how i always told you my dad left us well he did and he took my brother with him the last thing he said to me was wear this locket and i will find you. He said he would but he never came back and neither did my brother." I said bursting into tears " They never called and i thought they would at least look for me. but they never came for me." I buried my face in Zanders  Bvb shirt. "Can i see the picture?" I heard destiny say. I handed her the locket and she opened it she passed it wround it was my dad and my brother. "Hey this looks like someone familiar anyone know who?" Lexi said and threw it to Bvb Andy passed it around to everyone except ashley since he was fuming in the corner Jinnx jumped and said "I KNOW WHO THE LITTLE BOY IS."  My head snapped up. 'What?!" everyone said in unison. "It's Ashley." His head snapped up. He looked at me and then at everyone in the room. He walked over to me and squatted and grabbed my hands "Listen...." He said. I cut him off "No i will not listen you know how much time i have spent worrying about you when you didn't even give a shit about me!" I narrowed my eyes " I bet you don't even remmber my name." I said "I......I" ashley stammmered and I stood up I santched the necklace out of jinxx's hand and ran out the door to the car i slammed the door and cried i waited in there until my band came out.