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- wandering so hopelessly, pondering on how and why i still feel such feelings for someone such as yourself.

I swear the brim of my nails have gone raw due to the constant gnawing, and incessant biting. My lips were swollen, along with the bags under my eyes. I don't recall the last time my eyes had a rather bright colour associated with them, it's as if it's all gone away, due to the stress, and melancholic state that had followed along since the tragic event happened. I haven't left my home in quite sometime; time hasn't been my best of friend lately, i do think it was probably because i wish for it to slow down, for yet i still think i'll have time to change whatever i've done wrong. I've lost a lot of weight since the incident occurred; fifteen pounds to be exact. I don't feel as well-built as i use to be. However, i don't feel as if all that nonsense matters. What matters is that i still hold so much infatuation for someone i don't think that i deserve. I mean, don't get me wrong, i want her, i really do; if anything-i need her. Though, i'm not selfish, and i rather think about how that person would be, being in my life, and how well she'd handle her pretty self being in the same location as i. I wouldn't want to put her through the depths of hell once again. I rather see her running freely, and blithely, not as if she's running away from me, trying not to suffocate in her own skin. The love i hold for this person is beyond something i didn't think i'd ever come across, and for whatever reason as to why i feel this way, i do not know. I love her, i love her dearly, and for that i do not wish for her to go. Perhaps she can help me, help me like she did once before. I wish for this not to be a dream though, because last time i recall, it was.

Augustius Alexander, W.

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