Part 2 "Duel"

Izeiah's Pov

Hindi parin mawala sa isip ko kung ano ang buhay ko sana kung hindi ako ang tao na ako ngayon. Mas maganda ba ang buhay ko?

I completely forgot I was staring at the screen board and doze off thinking about it. Anyways, Ivan is really mean. He could have let me take the 1st place but no, he have to be mean and beat me. I spotted Ivan in the corner of my eye. He's possibly going to check the screen board.

Hindi na ako nagaksaya ng oras at mabilis na lumayo at lumisan sa lugar. Pero akalain mo iyon, meron atang lahing detector ata ito dahil hindi pa ako nakakaturn around eh lumingon na siya saakin at ngumisi.

"If it isn't the Robinson" he said

"Well, well, if it isn't the mean Shikaiken." Mas lalo lang siya ngumisi.

"I'm mean, huh?" Tumango tango ako.

"Why did you send Ives away?" Ngumuso ako at sinamaan siya ng tingin na ibinalik niya din.

"Ives? He's bound to go home sooner or later because he's not done with his stuff yet." He bluntly said and came closer that why I responded by moving away.

"Keep your distance." I said and stretched out my arm to keep him from getting any closer.

He gripped my wrist.

"Don't even dare." I said as I continue to resist.

"Why are you resisting? Hmm?" He replied.

"Ivan!" Someone suddenly called out.

I took the chance to yanked my arm back. I massaged my wrist. Damn, he gripped it so hard it left a mark. I'm going to get this back.


"Yeah? Oh, hi, Ms. Robinson" pabebeng sabi niya at lumapit siya with her alalays na ang sama ng tingin saakin. Dukutin ko ang mata nila oh.

"Congratulations! You got first!" Ivan didn't return her smile. Damn, this cold guy.

Umalis na ako bago pa maisipan nanaman ni Ivan na tuksuhin ako.

"Students, let's play the next game. In the field"

Sprinting is not really my thing because as I quote, laziness is the sport I'm very skilled at.

"Did you see your name in the leaderboard?" The headmaster ask

The majority of saying yes is so little you could barely hear any.

"Only 10 names are listed in the Leader Board and they were ranked as you can see."

"Now eyes up here so I can explain the next game without stops"

"Let's get the second part moving. Your scores are not meaningless at all, rest assured. You'll have to do this part in order to get to the third one. But don't worry, you are all ranked. We emailed you better check it out first. Now, to explain how we run this part. Even numbers fight the odd numbers above them and vice versa, Odd numbers fight the even number underneath them. For example, our rank 1, Ivan will go against our rank 2 Zeah...........oh shit" nagpapanic na sabi ng Headmaster pero bumalik din sa pagiging kalmado.


This is way much cooler than the past useless games. I finally get to duel with the heir of the Shikaiken Clan.

I fished out my phone.

Will you help me hide a body?
Come on we can't delay
No one can see him on the floor
Get him out the doo--

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