Another Marriage?

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" @The-Neko_demon asked: would you marry another demon? And as for dipper I'm here to help you!"

Dipper: thank you-

Bill: no he doesn't need help. I helped him. So yeah

Bill: and for the question, maybe. Probably. If Dipper becomes a demon then hells yeah I would marry a demon which will be Dipper.

Dipper: what about him? He has demon in his name.

Bill: oh, well .... hey how you doin'? Come here often, Neko Demon?

Bill: Neko, that's cat right?

Bill: you like milk? I can give you something else you will like. Wink.

Dipper: BILL.

Bill: what? Jealous, Dipper?

Dipper: no

Bill: yeah you are.

Mabel: yeah he is!

Dipper: im not

Bill: oh hush you are.

Bill: remember! Reality is an illusion! The universe is a hologram! Buy gold! Byyeeeee!!!

Bill: also leave some questions or dare or something!

/-\ hey.

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