The Ex is a 2006 comedy film directed by Jesse Peretz and starring Zach Braff, Amanda Peet and Jason Bateman. The film had a wide release planned for January 19, 2007, and then March 9, 2007. It was originally promoted under the working title Fast Track. It was released on May 11, 2007. Co-stars include Charles Grodin (in his first ever film since 1994), Donal Logue and Mia Farrow.

The film generally received negative reviews from critics. It had an international gross of $5,142,074.


Alex's Point of View

                May halong iritasyon na bumangon ako ng makailang ulit na akong pabiling biling sa kama.  I have been lying on my bed for hours at kanina pa nakaalis si Fredrick.  Buti na nga lamang ng umalis ito ay nagawa nitong patulugin si Josh kung hindi I might have breakdown in front of my son.

                I found my mouth dry so I went down to drink.  Sinilip ko pa sandali sa kwarto niya si Josh, tulog na tulog ito.  Marahang sinara ko ang pintuan ng kwarto niya.   Agad na nagtungo ako sa kusina at nagbukas ng ref.  Kumuha ako ng juice at tila uhaw na uhaw na uminom.  Ng makainom ay tila hinang hina na naupo ako. Pakiramdam ko ang kaba ko ay unti unting nagkakahugis.  Ngayon na alam na ni Gin kung nasaan ako.    



                Hindi naman siguro niya ako susundan.  Its been almost five years and there will be no reason for him to find me.   Alam niya na hindi nito anak si Josh. It hurts me somehow. Deep in my heart I want to tell him about his existence. I want to tell him his son lives.  That, whatever his wish having a son, it happened.

                Josh came out in this world.

                But I became afraid.  Insecure. Especially that I knew he was with Lian that time.  So I did not.  I pushed to my head the thought that he may never want a child with me especially that he had Lian then.

                How it pained me so.  And Fredrick became my strength.  I got the chance of knowing him better and understood why he was so obssessed with me.  I just laughed about it.  When we became so much closer, of course thinking about romance was not that hard.  It started with him staying over for a longer hours and then taking good care of Josh kapag umuuwi siya from school.  Then little lunch over, dinner, until we agreed on dating. But after sometimes, Fredrick knew and even myself that we will never get any further.  

                My heart only belongs to one man.

                I was so ready to give it another try with Fredrick but I know I am not being fair.  And besides, he started seeing Chele whom we both managed to have contact with.  Naging magkaibigan kami ni Chele, through the real sense of the word, she told me everything about Gin and Carmi. Kaya higit akong nasasaktan.

                Dahil alam ko na nagkamali ako. Alam ko na minahal naman ako ni Gin.  At minahal ko siya.

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