Braxton's Point of View

I'm not going to lie and say that it didn't hurt that Brynlee wanted to go to Asher and Natalie's house after she had been told the truth about everything. It was painful knowing that my own mate wanted nothing to do with me, even now that she knows that we are meant to be together.

I shake my head, reminding myself that she was raised as a human. She's overwhelmed. I can't blame her or myself for any of this. A growl leaves my throat as I remember who I can blame: Sebastian.

I close my eyes, trying to rid my thoughts of that bastard, and instead think of my beautiful mate. Even though she hasn't warmed up to me in the slightest, I still can't help but turn into a love struck pup every time I am in her presence.

"Alpha!" Asher voice is in my mind suddenly, and I shoot up, worry wracking through my body.

"What?" I send him, growling as I make my way out of the office in my home. He hasn't even told me what is wrong, but I'm already making my way towards his house, towards my mate.

"The Luna is drunk... very drunk," he explains, sounding angry, even over the mind link.

I growl again, breaking into a sprint. My mind is filled with thoughts of Brynlee throwing up, or even dying of alcohol poisoning. My wolf fights to come out, to shift, but I hold back, knowing that I can make it there on two legs almost as quickly as I can on four. And I don't want to frighten my mate either.

In less than a minute, I'm in Asher and Natalie's home. I push passed my Beta, eyes landing on my mate. She's dancing in the middle of the room, and I can't help but notice just how beautiful she looks. But then my eyes zero in on the bottle in her hands. I can smell alcohol, even from where I am, and I can tell my mate has had a lot to drink... too much to drink.

I growl loudly at the sight, angry that Natalie let my mate get this drunk. I can't help but feel the twinge of self-loathing... I'm a shitty mate for not protecting her. I'm next to Brynlee before I even feel myself move, wrapping my arms around her waist. I feel complete, but I try to focus on the matter at hand.

Brynlee starts to dance against me and I have to hold myself back. "Dip me!" she exclaims.

I don't want to, worried that it might make her sick. But I can hear the excitement in her voice, and I don't want to disappoint her either. With a sign, I dip her softly. The giggle that escapes her lips warms my heart and I pull her back up to my chest. She looks into my eyes with a smile and the urge to kiss her is overwhelming.

"Do you want to try some?" she asks me, her voice dripping with excitement.

I'm confused momentarily before she holds the bottle of alcohol up. The bottle is nearly empty and I growl, grabbing it. Did she drink all of that? My eyes narrow and I look up into her eyes, as if they will tell me the answer.

Brynlee pouts and I feel my heart melting. "Are you mad at me?"

I soften the look in my eyes, not wanting her to think that I'm unhappy with her. I can't help myself as I reach up and skim my thumb across her lip. Again, I want to press my lips to hers, but I hold back, knowing she would not appreciate that, especially when she's in this state. I sigh. "No, princess, I'm not mad at you," I tell her.

The smile that graces her lips makes my breath hitch and in my heart I know that I will do everything possible to see that smile on her face each and every day. As I'm distracted by my mate's beauty, she is able to pull herself out of my arms. I'm about to pull her right back, but she grabs my hand, before spinning around a few times.

I'm tempted to start dancing with her, right here right now, when she freezes. "Oh god," she mumbles, bringing a hand to her mouth. My eyes widen as I realize that she is going to throw up. I pick her up and bring her to the powder room, positioning her on top of the toilet so she can get it all out.

I grab her brown hair, pulling it away from her face so she doesn't get any vomit on the soft locks. My chest tightens as she throws up and I'm angry with myself for allowing this to happen. I watch her quietly, concerned.

But then, she looks at me over her shoulder, sending me a thankful smile, and I have not once felt happier. I smile at my mate in return, resulting in an adorable blush appearing on her cheeks.

I pull her over to the sink, so she can wash her face. She finishes and tries to leave the room, but I see her stumble and I immediately catch her, bringing her into the safety of my arms. With her so close to me, I instinctually press a soft kiss to her temple. I close my eyes momentarily, hoping that I didn't anger her, but when she doesn't say anything, I pick her up, cradling her against my chest. I know she'll never be able to walk home, and I don't want to miss an opportunity to hold her in my arms.

I walk out of the powder room, making my way to the front door. I glare at the drunk girls standing in the living room. "I'll deal with you three later," I growl, satisfied when their eyes widen in fear.

When I make it outside, a cool gust of wind makes Brynlee shiver in my arms. I'm about to pull her closer, when she does so herself. I look down at my beautiful mate and smile, tightening my arms around her. She sighs, her warm breath tickling my neck.

"You're okay, princess, you can go to sleep. I've got you," I tell her softly.

Based on her heartbeat and her breathing, I can tell that, after a minute, she has fallen asleep. I'm at peace, walking back with my mate to our home.

I had been convinced that I was going to find my mate within days of my first shift, most Alphas do. It was a long six years. My wolf was going crazy without a mate, and I wasn't doing much better. When I had heard that Asher had finally found his long lost sister, I was happy. The pack needed the good news. But when she walked into my office and I looked into her eyes... it was like my world stopped. I had finally found my mate; I was finally complete.

But, it was complicated. The fact that she didn't know that werewolves exist made it complicated. The fact that she didn't know that she is a werewolf made it complicated. The fact that she didn't know what a mate is, or that she was my mate, made it complicated.

I walk into our home and make my way upstairs to our bedroom as carefully as possible, not wanting to wake my sleeping beauty. I lay her on our bed, tucking her in, making sure she is as comfortable as possible. I can't help myself as I press a kiss to forehead, longing to kiss her lips, but knowing I can't.

It hurts me that she does not return any of my affections. And as much as I want to shower her in love during every waking moment, I know I can't. I don't want to overwhelm her. I did six years of waiting. I'll wait for as many more as I have to until she falls for me like I have for her. As long as I have her here, with me, I'm happy.

As I stare at my gorgeous mate, laying in our bed, I know without a doubt that I will never let go.


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