Chapter 19

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"Oh em gee," I pronounce each word, stumbling over to Asher. "If he comes, then it'll be a real party!"

Asher rolls his eyes, catching me when I almost fall over. "You three should know better than getting a seventeen year old drunk."

"Bitch, Anna is eighteen!" Natalie laughs, as if that makes it okay. She comes over to the foyer and grabs my arm, pulling me back to the living room.

I look back and Asher is rubbing his temples with his fingers. "C'mon Asher try some!" I yell, holding up and shaking my almost empty bottle of Kinky Blue.

"I can't believe you–" Asher starts to rant, but I tune him out and start dancing again. All the problems that I have had to deal with this past week or so are the last things on my mind right now.

Then I hear a loud noise, but I don't have the time to process what it is before arms wrap around my waist. I focus my attention on dancing against the person holding me. "Dip me!!" I say, closing my eyes.

The person holding me seems to think about it for a few seconds but soon complies and I'm suddenly upside down. A giggle escapes my lips and I open my eyes as I'm tugged back to my feet.

I come face to face with Braxton's darker than normal blue eyes. I can tell he doesn't look happy, but I don't care. "Do you want to try some?" I ask him excitedly, holding up the blue bottle.

Braxton looks down at the alcohol before growling softly and snatching it out of my hands. He glares at me and the smile falls off my face.

"Are you mad at me?" I ask, pouting.

Braxton's eyes soften as he looks down at me. He reaches up with one hand and runs his thumb across my pouting lips. He sighs, "No, princess, I'm not mad at you."

I grin up at him, pulling myself out of his arms. I'm surprised I was able to, as his hold is usually rock solid. Braxton looks at me like he wants to pull me right back, but before he can do anything, I grab one of his hands and spin around in circles a few times.

I was only trying to get back in the mood, annoyed by the boys' rude interruption, but instead, I feel bile rising up in my throat. "Oh god," I breathe, bringing a hand up to my mouth.

In a second, I'm in a powder room, leaning over a toilet, puking my guts out for the second time in a mere few hours. This time, however, it's Braxton who is holding my hair away from my face. When I'm finished, I look over my shoulder, trying to thank him. But before I even start talking, I realize that in my drunken state, my words are going to be really slurred, and most likely completely unintelligible, so I opt for a smile instead.

When I do, I see Braxton's look of concern and mild anger transform into a beautiful smile of his own. Even in this state, I can feel the blood rush to my cheeks. Braxton helps me over to the sink so I can clean myself off. When I'm finished, I try to leave the powder room to go back to Natalie, Jordyn, and Annabelle, but instead I stumble directly into Braxton's arms. I feel his lips skim against my temple before I'm suddenly pulled into his arms and he is carrying me back out into the living room. I sigh and rest my head against his chest, feeling surprisingly comfortable.

I've nearly passed out when I hear Braxton's angry voice growl out "I'll deal with you three later."

I furrow my eyes in confusion when suddenly cold air whips against my body and I shiver, pulling myself closer to Braxton's warm. His arms tighten around me and I can help but let out a relaxed sigh.

"You're okay, princess, you can go to sleep. I've got you," I hear his soft voice murmur.

I close my eyes and comply, falling asleep to his heartbeat like it's a lullaby.

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