I walked on a pathway, ready to materialize my steel gauntlets in case anything popped out. I walked at a steady pace through the red scenery ahead. Everything looked as if it was splashed blood red to the red of a setting sun, though it never touched the lightest shade of a pure pink rose. It was still weird to me how everything was red ever since the incident, but I dealt with it. Screams teared through the wind and I turned my head to look back with guilt all over my face. That was my stupid mistake.

I couldn't leave my comrades even if only some could pass. Making my decision, I turned on my heel and materialized the gauntlets, running as I did. I was a blur and I was sure of it, since in this game anything was possible.

This was where the problem came in. Something came slashing at me from the side. I slid to a stop as I balanced myself from the sudden attack. I turned around to see an E factor. This one was huge, huger than the others I've seen before. This one had a small head, big body, one big arm with a small hand, the other arm was also big bad but had a big robotic hand also. It's legs were just the right size for the body. The height of the Es ranged from 6" to 12". This one looked somewhere near 10" and was the biggest that I've seen. This was only going to get worse.

I tried attacking it by punching it as hard as I could, but to my astonishment, it evaded. This never happened before. I materialized my leg equipment and tried kicking it, but, again, it evaded. I started panicking and the truth kicked me in the gut. No, literally, it did kick me in the gut and through my stomach. Before I knew it the scene disappeared before me and two words popped up in front of me.

Game Over.

I stared at it blankly, still not believing it. Then it dawned on me. It's over. I was a goner, never to return. Thoughts ran through my head. Why did I go back? I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have left them in the first place. Now it's to late and no one can be saved . . . not even me.


This story literally came to me as a dream. I deebated in my head for at least two days and finally decided to make it into my very own story. Hope you guys liked it! There's still more so stay tuned!!!



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