GLEE- What If?

CHAPTER 1- What if Rachel was Head of the Cheerios?


Hey everyone!

I thought of this idea while I was watching Glee, so enjoy!



Rachel Berry was walking down the hallway of McKinley High School.

'It's a brand new week' she thought to herself,'don't bother about Ezemio and Karofsky. They are nothing compared to you. Barbera Streisand never let anyone get in her way, so neither should you'

She anticipated it. Of course, as soon as she turned to where all the Jock's lockers were, SLAM. The blueberry ice trickled down her face, as the cold, burning realisation of what had just happened sinked in.

Just as Karofsky had walked past, Quinn Fabray, in her usual slutty way, strutted down the hall.

"You liked your gift, man hands? I thought you looked a little bit flushed, so I asked the guys to cool you down," Quinn said, as she turned around and carried on strutting.

'You are Rachel Berry. Don't bother about her. She's just jealous of your talent,' Rachel thought to herself. But now she faced a bigger problem. Her new sweater was completly blue. She felt the tears swelling up in her throat, as people laughed as they walked past hJer. She ran outside to her car, and sat in it for a minute. She turned the key, and drove back to her house.

She ran up to her room, and slammed the door shut. She cried. When she had finally managed to calm down, she realised one thing. QUINN FABRAY WAS GOING TO PAY.

When Rachel came in after cleaning herself up, she went straight to Sue's office.

"Coach Sylvester? Can I have a word?" said Rachel, peeping her head round the door

"Sure, Jewish girl I can't remember the name of, what can I do for you?"

"I want in on the Cheerios" Rachel said

"You want WHAT?" Sue asked, completly shocked.

"I want on the squad," Rachel repeated

"I like your tone, whatever your name is..."

"Rachel Barbra Berry"

"Yeah, whatever. But what can you do in terms of cheerleading?" she asked

"Well, I've had very intense dance training since I was 3, so I learn routine's quickly, and I have done ballet for 11 years so I am very flexible, and I am bossy and domineering, which even though people find extremly annoying, it makes me a very good leader,"

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