"You make a nice couple.....a nice couple of guests for Jerry springer"

                                                                 -Celeste Ryder

                                                              Chapter 1

Cade P.O.V

I lay in bed and groaned, I spent all night on the computer trying to find something to help me track Celeste down, anything even a tiny little thing and I can build on it, I just want to find my older sister.

The alarm rang and I moaned and slammed it against the wall in annoyance.

I sat up and looked at my attire I'm already dressed I thought I had found a source for Celeste yesterday and I went to the library to build upon it but found out it was dead end.

I stood up and picked my school bag I made my way down the stairs and slipped into a stool I leaned my head against the marble counter I could hear my mum humming faintly "Are you okay Honey?" her soft voice asked.

"Yeah" I said hoarsely my voice like that from lack of sleep.

"You alright son," my dad asked, concerned, walking into the room.

"Peachy" I replied my brothers all stumbling into the room shirtless.

I rolled my eyes.

"Darling eat up, you have a field trip today!" my mum said happily zipping open my bag and putting a little box full of food that I wouldn't need in my bag.

She rubbed my back affection-ally "Honey, don't worry. Your fathers getting something sorted out about your sister" she said pecking my forehead. I was now sitting in a normal position.

My brothers began digging in, it shocked me how cool Cole could be about all of this our sister has been kidnapped and he's walking along like nothings wrong I cant help but worry about all of the things they may be doing to her and he's just all about sex and popularity.

I shook my head and sighed "I'm going" I muttered standing up my dad shot my mother a look of worry obviously about me.

"take care baby I love you" my mum said worriedly pushing my long brown locks away from my eyes and using the hair brush in her hand to brush my hair back and kissing my forehead.

My hair probably looked perfect now; it always does when mum fixes it.

Brent P.O.V

I pulled Caydee in my lap after all the boys had left for school "he's so worried about Celeste" Caydee said her voice laced in worry for our second oldest son Cade.

I nodded and nuzzled her neck flicking my tongue across it "I'm going to find her....if it's the last thing I do"

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