Chapter Nine

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My feet landed in soft grass, my shoes causing a hollow thump. I glanced around at the grassy glen that Pan had brought us too.

True to his word, the man had taken me here, a shady little knoll overlooking a wide swath of ocean bay. It was far from the pirate ship and offered a magnificent view of sparkling sea waves.

The other boys had stayed behind, a safe distance from the ship, but close enough to help this friend of Pan's.

A twinge of unease sparked through me. I couldn't help but feel nervous about meeting this mysterious hero. All I had was a name. That's all I knew.

And, besides, I had a right to feel this way! The last friend I had met had landed me here, on some random island in the middle of the ocean!

I took a seat on the grass, my back leaning up against the rough bark of a tree trunk. My eyes wandered through the vegetation to seek out the form of a certain red-haired leader.

Pan paced a few feet away from me, his hands combing through his fiery locks in frustration. "Where are they?" he whispered to himself in irritation.

I chose to ignore this and, instead, asked a question of my own. It was something that had been bothering me since we had left that wretched pirate ship behind.

"Who's Lle-llebre- "I asked curiously as I stumbled relentlessly over that strange name.

He paused mid stride, his eyes narrowing in on mine as he turned to face me. "Llebreknit?" he inquired with a slight tilt to his head.

I nodded quickly and eagerly leaned forward from my relaxed position against the tree.

When Pan saw my enthusiastic expression, he sighed deeply before answering my hardly formed question. "Llebreknit is not a person. Rather, it's a code name for someone."

"Who? And where did it come from?" I butted in excitedly, the manners that would have normally held my tongue fleeing me.

He stared at me a moment, a look of utter indecision flashing across his face.

I saw the moment that the light within his eyes changed. The once bright happy blue faded into a darkened shade of the rawest form of sadness. Guilt.

He gulped once, an act I was sure was meant to calm him but seemed to have no such effect. "The code is simple really. It's just the word that you want to hide flipped around and said in reverse. I stole it from the pirates." His voice puffed out with pride and a pinch of arrogance for a split second before it returned to its normal tone. "Tinkerbell. That's the name backwards."

"Oh," I said quietly, "Why-"

"Shh." Pan said quickly, his single syllable effortlessly covering my next question. His cerulean eyes darted from side to side as he searched every inch of the forest.

But his searching eyes didn't catch the slight movement behind him. All it was a small fluttering of a branch, its leaves shaking back and forth on their stems. It was insignificant, something caused by a small animal or bird.

So, I didn't think to mention it to Pan.

He continued his search, his eyes locked onto every miniscule detail.

It was only when he started to relax again, that everything fell apart.

It happened so swiftly. I didn't even have a second to react.

One moment, Pan was standing in front of me, the next the forest floor obstructed my view as my face was ground into the moist earth.

I was jerked roughly to my feet.

All around me were men and women of the forest. Their thick dark hair gleamed in the sunlight. Their liquid eyes were sharp and calculating.

So, these were the Indians that haunted Neverland with their silent feet and erasable trails.

Pan was drug up beside me as our ankles and wrists were bound with coarse vine-like material, rendering both of us immobile.

After we were bound up tightly, the adults separated my red-haired savior from me. He was at one end of a weird line, with the majority of the people surrounding him, while I was at the other with only a few.

Our attackers were silent as they forced us to move off into the now completely quiet forest. Not even a bird dared to make a sound.

I forced my focus to remain on the nearly invisible dirt trail that we followed. My heart sank with each step I took, but I tried to keep my hope alight.

Pan had managed to return me to my family, kidnap me, and save me from the pirates, but I didn't think even he could get me out of this one.


We were forced to walk that way for what seemed like miles across the desolate island. They marched us for hours until I thought I would lose every bit of my sanity.

Would I end up like Danny? A comatose statue for Josh to stare longingly at, wishing every hour that he could have saved me from this endless madness?

Or could I survive? Would I live on to tell this tale?

Could I prove to the inhabitants of Neverland, and, more importantly, to myself, that I was strong enough to survive this fairytale insanity?

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