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So I was tagged by bluefrostflakestar. The rules are above so let's start.

1. My nickname is actually SB.

2. Hazel.

3. Light brown(don't like dyeing my hair).

4. I hate the dab thing.

5. Red.

6. Alabama (I live in Indiana so I enjoy the year-round warm weather).

7. Does Jacksepticeye count?

8. My bunny, Ghost.

9. Numb by Linkin Park.

10. Naruto book 1.

I tag: courtiegirlNightshade200312kimhardyk249Deathshade200312Detective501pvpperfection1TheMarionnettecheckthisrealityLILYAP777777Maddyspohremoji101Zalygirl2003swagalicous27Sadistic_Sweetied64549004_SB_Sister_ZznizariszZyugimoto890, that's all I'm gonna do. Bye guys!

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