17- Golden Fleece Pt. 2

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Percy's PoV:

We entered the bright cave and hid behind a boulder. It was a large cavern and the ceiling was so high up. We couldn't see much from our hiding place so we transferred to another place which was at the back of a big rock that was situated deeper in the cavern. From there, we had a good view of the place. Suddenly, there were large footsteps so we hid carefully. The cyclops sat on a big rock at the corner of the room and began to eat something. Me and Artemis exchanged glances when he started to mumble something while eating.

"Those fools... After they give me the reward... I'll just break their bones and feast on their flesh..." Then he laughed crookedly and took a big bite from the meat carcass. "Kronos and his minions are going to be dead meat..." At the mention of Kronos, we looked at each other.

"Looks like Kronos made some sort of deal with him." Artemis mind messaged me. I nodded at her in response.

"Might be the Golden Fleece. We have to get it right away." I mind messaged her back. "I'll distract it while you get the Fleece." Before Artemis could reply, the cyclops stood up and started to sniff like a dog.

"I smell something delicious... Hmmm... It's powerful..." He continued to sniff the air. "Smell of the earth and forest... A slight sea scent! Who's there?!" Artemis and I looked at each other with panic. Yeah we are gods but it's possible for him to capture us so no thanks.

"Your plan would be good." Artemis nodded at me. We looked back at the cyclops and saw that he was walking towards us. But then he tripped on a rock and we saw something bright on his back. My eyes widened when I realized that it was the Golden Fleece. It seemed to be the source of light for the cavern. I looked at Artemis and she nodded. I got the message clearly, time to take the plan into action. We got out of our hiding place and I stood in front of the cyclops while Artemis jumped up on to a boulder and hid. The cyclops slowly got up and sniffed the air again.

"What?! A son of the earth?!" Polyphemus exclaimed and took a step back. I furrowed my brow. A son of the earth?

"Hey stinky big foot!" I called out. The cyclops stopped making any movements.

"Who's there?!" He roared. "Where are you?!" He moved his head around and threw out his hands in front of him like a blind man looking for his way. Oh yeah right, he is half blind.

"On your head buddy!" I shouted to him. He patted his head and roared in anger.

"Don't fool me, you pest!" He took a step forward.

"Okay then. Let's stop talking and play." I got out Riptide and used my godly powers to grow into the size of the cyclops. I looked at myself in amazement and smirked. "Ready to play, Polyunphemus?" Then I charged at him and head butted him with all my strength, sending him flying to the wall. The impact made the whole cavern shake and a crack appeared on the wall.

"Hey Percy! Calm down or else how am I going to get the Fleece?" Artemis shouted in my head. I smiled sheepishly at her. Surprisingly, the cyclops managed to get up. I mean, would anyone survive from that kind of impact? Immortals? Yeah maybe.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" The cyclops roared with enough force and wind to bend an oak tree.

"Nobody." I replied casually. I thought it would be fun to torment Polyphemus with the name of his old enemy.

"RAWR! How dare you come here again?!" He roared again.

"Geez, calm down big foot. Your breath smells." This time he charged at me. Luckily, I managed to dodge him and hit his head with the butt of my sword. He fell flat on the floor and groaned. I immediately got the Fleece that was on his back and threw it to Artemis. She caught it just as the cyclops started to get up. I kicked him with so much force and sent him to the opposite wall again.

"Let's get out now! Fast!" I shouted at Artemis and made my way to the exit.

The cyclops got up and got a chain from the rock cabinet on the wall near him and threw it. The chain wrapped around Artemis, making her eyes widen. She threw the Fleece to me and struggled against the chain. The cyclops laughed evilly.

"No way are you going to get free! This chain drains out all your powers and I know you're gods! Kronos would be very pleased to see you." He laughed again.

"ARTEMIS!" I screamed. I felt red hot anger inside me. "YOU FUCKING CYCLOPS!" I was going to charge at him again when the earth started shaking. The boulder near the entrance of the cave started moving and closing the entrance.

"Percy just go! I'll be okay! Get the Fleece to camp!" Artemis shouted at me. I could feel the strain in her voice. Her powers and energy were being drained out. Or else she would be free already. The cyclops was slowly pulling her towards him with an evil smile. I felt like exploding with anger and doing everything I could to torture that cyclops but I was frozen in place. The anger in me was draining out my powers and slowly I was shrinking to my normal size. "Percy go!!" The boulder closed the entrance and I couldn't see Artemis anymore.

I collapsed on my knees while breathing hardly. I was still shaking with anger. I tried to listen for any sounds that came from inside but there was nothing. I also tried using my powers to sense anything but there was also nothing. It's like they disappeared from this island. I looked back at the broken path and decided to just teleport.

I arrived at the sword arena at camp where many demigods were still training. When they saw me, they gathered around me. The expressions on their faces were priceless, seeing the Golden Fleece.

"Are you okay?" An Apollo camper stepped forward and asked me. I knew he was an Apollo kid because he had blonde hair and was holding a bow. Well, usually that's how they look like.

"Do I look okay to you?" I was surprised to find my voice coming out so harshly and roughly. He backed away from me when he heard me.

"Uhm... No sir... You look bad..." He stuttered. I looked at him in the eyes and he backed away even more.

"Sorry..." I just threw it out there and broke through the crowd. I went to the entrance of camp and on my way I saw Chiron so I gestured for him to follow me.

When we got to Thalia's Tree, I slowly laid the Golden Fleece on its roots. I backed away from the tree when the fallen leaves started rising and sticking to the branches. When it was complete a blue light circled the camp in seconds starting from the tree and everything went back to normal. I looked at my back to see demigods gathering around us. Chiron slowly approached the tree and touched it. He smiled after examining it.

"The barrier is fixed!" He faced me. "Thank you Lord Perseus." I didn't look at him but continued to stare at the tree harshly, thinking of Artemis. His smile faded away when he saw my face. "Lord Perseus, is there something wrong? And where is Lady Artemis?" At the mention of Artemis, I shifted my hard gaze to him, making him back away.

"They captured her..." I said in a low and rough voice. Chiron looked at me with fear.

"Huh?" An unfamiliar voice came from the ground. I looked down to find a girl with short black hair buried under the roots. My eyes widened. I quickly kneeled down and got her free from the roots. I narrowed my eyes.

"Who are you?" I asked her softly. She looked at me with a confused look.

"I'm Thalia Grace. And who are you?"

Word Count: 1381 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: January 1, 2017
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