Chapter 7- 'We Will Not Lose'

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Percy POV

"The Olympians are here...all of them." Chiron stated.

What the heck?! What is going on?! Oh my gods. They're after me again. At least I took out one god... now just 11 more. Not a big deal, right?....I'M DOOMED!

I began pacing the room, when a voice bellowed along with thunder. "WE ARE HERE FOR PERSEUS JACKSON! COME OUT AND COME WITH US, AND WE WILL LEAVE PEACEFULLY!"

No doubt about it, that was Zeus alright. Only he would make it so the whole world knew I was as good as dead. But I had to... if I didn't oblige to do what he asked, then the whole camp will suffer.

"I have to, I'm sorry guys." I said. It was the only decision I could make. I was cornered.

"No. You will not follow their orders. Percy, they are doing this out of fear, remember that. And also know, that they had a vote. I'm positive that some of them voted to keep you alive. Percy, you have some gods on your side." Chiron stated.

"You're right. I'm not going to just give in," I said.

"Percy, go on a quest with Annabeth and Clarisse. We have no time to get to ask Rachel for a prophecy right now. Escape with Blackjack. Hurry!" Chiron said. I was concentrating for Blackjack to come to me, when Annabeth broke my concentration.

"Chiron, where are Jason, Piper, and Grover? I've been waiting to ask you for ab while." Annabeth said in a hurry. Yeah, I just noticed. Where were they?

"I told them to go on a quest without you to look for Percy. I wanted them to go to Camp Jupiter first, to tell Frank, Hazel, and Reyna to look for Percy in that area.

"But why didn't you want me to go?!" Annabeth asked. She was practically screaming, but her voice cracked on the third sentence. She looked shattered.

"Annabeth, you can't think straight when it comes to Percy. You..." Chiron started not being able to get the sentence out. "You'd ruin the quest. I sent them out without you knowing right after the meeting we had. I used the Ares incident as a diversion to get them out without you noticing."

Annabeth was shocked. She didn't know how to respond to that. But I knew, Chiron was right. He wouldn't make such a decision if he was wrong. But all thought was gone with a loud thunder booming.


"Wait, don't take Blackjack. The sky is Zeus' area. He'd knock us out of the sky," Annabeth said recovering from her shock. I could see that her eyes were glassy with tears.

Oh snap! She was right. We would've been dead right then and there.

"Nice job Prissy," Clarisse said. Oh joy! She's on my tail again, very helpful.

"We have to rush. We'll have to go to the river and escape from there," I said.

"YOU HAVE THREE SECONDS JACKSON!" Zeus said. Oh no, how will they handle it? The whole camp was outside. They had their weapons in hand, standing in their battle positions. But they weren't the least bit intimidating. The gods just stood there not phased at all.

"Kids, take care of yourselves," Chiron said. And with that, Annabeth, Clarisse and I dropped into the water. I created a bubble around us and I drove towards Camp Jupiter. I wanted to pray to the gods that the camp was going to be okay, but the gods weren't on our side anymore. Even though we were their children...

And then a thought popped in my head....this is Poseidon's domain.

Third Person POV

Chiron rushed out the doors of the big house. "Calm down brethren, we may talk over this if you wish. Just do not hurt your own children," Chiron said.

"No! Perseus Jackson did not even show up for his own camp, how dare he call himself a hero?!" Zeus said.

"Calm down Brother, do not do anything destructive. We'll see what-" Chiron tried negotiating.

"Where is he?!" Zeus said. He suddenly took out his master bolt and began striking random places. He first pulverized the big house's entrance, and then it's support structures. The whole building began crashing down. But luckily, before it fully fell, some vines maneuvered and placed itself in a way where it intertwined and caught the entire building. The campers looked on in shock at what just took place in a few seconds.

The demigods couldn't understand what exactly was happening. Until they finally pieced it together. They looked at Dionysus.

"What? I lived there for a while. It wouldn't be very pleasing if it were to be destroyed in front of me. I've actually become pretty fond of this place. Sorry Father, but I won't exactly approve of Camp Half-Blood's destruction." Dionysus spoke in a formal tone.

"What is going on? Son, say anything that foolish again, and I will obliterate you!" Zeus said in complete shock. Dionysus just calmly walked over to a spot next to Chiron, so he was across from Zeus.

All the other gods showed no emotions. In a way, they looked like they wanted to revolt.

"You, and this whole camp will be gone! IT WILL BE NOTHING BUT RUBBLE!!!" Zeus yelled with no restraint.

That caused the demigods to draw their weapons at the ready. Even Chiron drew his bow and arrow.

"In all my years of life, I did not know I will have to fight my Brothers. But I taught my children well, and they will not lose." Chiron said.

And with that, the war between gods and demigods began.

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