Shit Got Real

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2:30 a.m

A nigga was in disbelief of what had just popped off a couple hours ago. I can't believe that bitch ass nigga pulled that shit especially at the club he must've heard about me trynna get at him, so he decided to beat me to the punch. I wasn't even gone stress it though cause that nigga Nikko gone get his regardless. This is war I'ma make him wish he never did what he did. He must not know who the fuck he dealing with. I knew I should've been and killed his punk ass now my nigga laid up in some hospital bed. Nikko days was numbered word to my mother they was.

I walked in the hospital room to see if my bro was straight or not. I figured he was though, shit he was a real one and you know we know how to keep pushing through whatever.

''You good B ?'' I said sitting next to him. Everybody had came to the hospital to make sure the homie was straight and of course I was one of them.

''Yeah B I'm straight it was just a shot to my shoulder and shit damn.''He said while I laughed some.

All the niggas around me got heart. When I noticed that he just shrugged the fact off that he got shot it made me respect him even more. Everybody couldn't manage this game called life especially ours, but you know real niggas do real things. If I fucked with you trust it wasn't by no mistake.

''Already you know we gone handle this shit thought right? '' I told him straight up. Ain't no letting this shit slide who would we be if we didn't handle this shit.

''Shit B I al----.''He started to say but got cut off .

''DREW DARIO MCCLAIN.'' A female voice said walking into the hospital room.

All of our eyes shifted to shorty and surprisingly it was his baby moms shorty sure was looking right too. Aye' I am a man I can look. Something told me she was about to get on his ass just by the way she was looking at him I mean damn if looks could kill this nigga Drew would already be dead. I knew shorty didn't play either I remember all the stories Drew told me about her crazy ass. Trust me I got two baby mama's I know how women can be I just hope she don't chew my bro up that bad because it really wasn't his fault. Nine times outta ten she wouldn't care though. I feel that.

''What's up Asia?'' Drew said looking at her

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''What's up Asia?'' Drew said looking at her. I think this nigga already knew what she was on because the look on his face said it all. She was about to argue his ass down. Damn I felt for him.

Asia walked over to him, but said nothing at all instead she  just gave him this look like dead ass her face haven't changed since she got here.

''Aye' can y'all give us a minute?'' Drew said.

''Shit you ain't gotta tell us twice Asia boutta get on yo ass I can see it now. Just look at her face damn I would hate to be you.''E said while I shook my head.

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