Letters to my so called "father"

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Authors note: im just going to jump right in. but i think you should know the back ground to these letters. My mom got pregnant with me and my "father" pretty much didnt want the responsibility. so he left. I have seen my dad 3 times in my whole life. I'm 13 now.  I think that before you read, you should know that these are true and they are hard for me to write. Some may be sad and you may shed a tear or two. I am not writing this for pity. I'm only writing this to be known and to get in off my chest. In this story i will menton alot about my medication. I have asthma and pulmanary-stensois. Asthma is a lung disease, doctors say that i will never be able to get rid of it. i have had asthma ever sense the say i was born. Pulmanary-stensois is a heart condition. In your heart you are supposed to have 3 tubes, well with me being 7 weeks premature i wasn't fully devoloped and one of those tubes were missing and i have an actual whole in my heart. If you cant figure it out, pulmanary-stenosis and asthma do not mix well. But anyway, that should have filled you in nicely. Once again i am not doing this for pity. I just really need to get this off my chest.

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I want to tell you that if you ever see these, these are not ment to hurt you in anyway, i just want yout to see what you put mom and i through. If these letters do hurt you in anyway i am sorry they are not ment to because i really do love you. I just wiah the feeling was mutual. Please dont start with the whole "i do love you" bull crap. Because if you really did love me, you would have tried hard to see me as much as you could. And I wouldn't be a scret to your family, your wife and two daughters would know about me. you would call me on holidays and birthdays. you would call even though it wasnt a holiday or birthday. most mostly, you would care. But you dont, you never have and you never will. Thats what hurt the most.   

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