LVII- Breakdown

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(It's super short- sorry☺️)

Greyson looked over at Indianna who had fallen asleep. The book was half open on her lap and her head was resting against the window. He smiled and poked Indianna's side.

"Go away," she grumbled and Greyson poked her again. "What?" She yawned and looked at Greyson with tired eyes. "Is it your mission to sleep deprive your mate?"

"Only when we're in the bedroom," Greyson smirked. "I was bored and lonely. So I woke you."

Indianna rubbed her eyes. "Thanks a lot."

"Anytime, sugar," Greyson smiled and placed a hand on Indianna's leg as he drove.

"How long did I sleep for?" Indianna wondered and pulled her hair out of her ponytail and smoothed out the knots.

"About an hour an a half," Greyson shrugged. "We have about 3 more to go."

"Great, I can sleep more," Indianna grinned.

"Nope, I'll keep waking you," Greyson said. "You're keeping me company."

"You're a right pain in the ass, you know that?" Indianna said and Greyson chuckled.

"Thanks, sugar."

Indianna rolled her eyes and checked her phone to see she had a text message. She opened it, assuming it was from Brooke.

It wasn't.

Greyson felt the bond between him and Indianna grow cold and his head snapped to hers. "What?" He demanded. "What's wrong?"

Indianna swallowed as she looked down at the screen. She didn't think he would manage to get her number again after she was given a new phone.

But he had.

Greyson snatched the phone out of Indianna's grasp and his whole body stiffened as he read the text. He cursed loudly and threw the phone onto the dashboard. He immediately looked out of the windows for any signs of him, but the only people around were pack members.

Greyson alerted Kal, Ace and the other pack members tailing them and told them to stay on watch.

Rogue could be watching their every move.

"Indie," Greyson said and grabbed Indianna's small hands in one of his. She was shaking. "Indie, look at me."

Indianna was still staring down at her lap. "I just want him to leave me the hell alone!" She yelled suddenly and kicked the car door in frustration. "I want him gone from my life!" She screamed and slammed her hands down angrily on the seat. "What the fuck does he want from me!"

Greyson slammed on the breaks. He knew he should carry on driving, especially with the risk that Rogue was out there, but he needed to calm Indianna.

She was going mental, hitting anything in sight and completely freaking out.

"Stop it!" Greyson said sternly and grabbed Indianna's wrists, turning her sharply so she was facing him. "Indianna, calm down and look at me!"

Indiana froze and looked at Greyson. Her tense body suddenly went soft and she burst out crying. "Greyson, I'm scared," she whimpered and Greyson swore quietly. He wrapped his arms around his shaking mate and rested his chin on her head.

"I'm not going to let anything happen to you, sugar," Greyson whispered. "He isn't going to touch you."

Indianna sobbed into Greyson's chest. Being in his presence calmed her, but she was still freaked. After a few minutes she pulled away and reached for her phone.

"Indie, no-"

She had swiped the phone from the dashboard before Greyson could stop her and she read the text.

It's a delightful day for a road trip

She let out a shaky breath and went to turn her phone off, but she received another text.

Her heart jumped into her mouth, but she forced herself to open it.

I'm sure daddy wishes you happy birthday. From hell.

More tears slipped down Indianna's cheek.

I wonder what body part of your dear friend Cassie I can send for this special occasion?

"Stop it!" Indianna screamed and she threw the phone out of Greyson's open window. She broke down in tears again and Greyson unbuckled his seatbelt. He was out out of the car in a second and he made his way round to Indianna. "Make it stop!" She begged as Greyson opened her door and unclipped her seatbelt. "What did I do to deserve this! Make it fucking stop!"

Indianna put her head in her hands and her body shook violently as she cried, yelling curses at Rogue as she did. Greyson had never seen Indianna sound so angry, but so extremely terrified.

"Sugar, c'mere," Greyson said, but Indianna yelled and shoved Greyson away.

"Leave me alone! Fuck off!" She screamed and hit his chest when he grabbed her and lifted her arm up into his arms. "G-Greyson!" She cried and soon her sentences were incoherent. Her sobs drowned out the swear words and profanities.

She weakly hit Greyson's chest and Kal rushed over to them. He opened the back seat of the car and Greyson climbed in, gently placing Indianna next to him. He kept his arms around her securely, pinning her arms to her chest and keeping a leg firmly over Indianna's so she couldn't lash out and kick or punch Greyson or harm herself doing so.

Kal had gotten into the drivers seat and by the time he was driving Indianna had gone limp and she was sobbing silently into Greyson.

No words of comfort were given by Greyson. All Indianna needed was his touch and presence.

He soothingly ran his fingers through her hair and kissed her on the head. Her breakdown had exhausted her and soon she was sleeping soundly, snuggled into Greyson.

Greyson had never wanted to kill someone so much in his life.

Somehow, some way, he vowed that he would kill Rogue.

For Indianna.

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