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Olivia. Well she was one of a kind. A hyperactive young girl as most people would see her, I would see her as what she really was, broken. Most people would look at her and think wow, she must have issues, but really she just wanted to make people laugh, feel happy. Yes she could be a bit crazy at times but we all are and her history made her that way, you see, she was never specifically diagnosed with anything but once she started laughing she couldn't stop, her secondary school life was full of trouble from getting yelled at by the teachers and being told to calm down by her 'friends'. The thing was that she couldn't control it. She wasn't diagnosed with anything so people would think she was just plain crazy. This wasn't the case.  She just wanted to make people smile, the way she never got to. Olivia had a great childhood, but when secondary school came, it was like a whole new world, a world of drugs, sex and alcohol. She was a bit mental as a child and her family knew that it was only going to get worse from there. The thing was that it was only a joke, she wasn't actually crazy, she was just very hyperactive. She was young when she turned to drugs. Only twelve. Only twelve when she had alcohol and only thirteen when she lost her virginity. Her parents were strict. She wasn't aloud out in the dark. She wasn't aloud to do a lot of things. But this didn't stop her, determined to do the things her friends did she snuck out, lied, and worst of all ran away. As you read through the life of a young girl, take in ever word, it can happen to anyone, the world is an evil place and can turn the sweetest angels into Devils.

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