Chapter 22

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Jerome's Pov

I was so drained from today, both mentally and physically. I was afraid what kind of training we were going to do tomorrow. I picked up my axe and looked at it. I rubbed my paw against the blade but it didn't cut me. Sky said this thing would never dull so why is it dull. The symbols on the side started to form words. 

'This blade is as strong as the warrior's spirit. Have hope and stay strong, not just for you but for Minecraftia as well. -ASF'

Does that mean every time my spirit dulls the blade will? I had a feeling ASF did this on purpose. I though about a few good memories and passed my hand over the blade again. It made a small cut in my fur.

Seto's Pov

The team was starting to come together. Everyone was becoming stronger and starting to work together a little better. I could sense that everyone was craving for a real fight. They were tired of these games. 

I picked up my staff and looked at it. I looked in the crystal at the top. Sometimes I could see visions or flashbacks. I saw us going into battle and fight Entity303. It all went black though. I knew that this means I might not make it out of battle. I've been around for too long in my opinion. I'm probably in my early 80s or late 70s but I still look like a teen. This is what happens when you mess with magic.

"Hey Seto." Mitch said.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"You okay man? You went pale there for a second." He said.

"I'm fine." I said. "Just a little tired."

"Maybe you should head to bed. You used a lot of magic in the last fight." Jerome said.

"Yeah." I said getting up. I walked into the room I was staying in and jumped in bed. I used my magic to switch off the lights and I let darkness take over.


I stood there staring at a being. This person was covered in blood and was almost completely still. It was Sky. No that was Skybrine. He held a blood covered knife in his hand. "Sky?" I asked.

"Well if it isn't the sorcerer." He said. "I've been waiting for you to accompany us."

I stepped beside to see my ancestor. I was watching one of his memories. I didn't get to see his face because of the hood but I knew it was him. "Skybrine, why did you do this. You're ruining Sky's good name!"

"He never had a good name!" Skybrine said. "He can try to be nice, he can try to control himself-but I will always be here! He can try all he wants but I'm not going to give up on doing what I love!"

"Tell me, do you really love to kill or are you just doing this so your father will think of you as his son?" My ancestor asked.

Skybrine was a bit shocked. "W-what do you mean?"

"I've seen your memories and how Herobrine didn't think of you as his own because you didn't kill. I've seen your struggles, I've seen your pain and I've felt that before. My question is are you happy with who you are right now?" He asked.

"Well-" Skybrine started.

"It's a simple yes or no question Skybrine." He interrupted.

"No! I'm not happy with myself. I hate killing! I don't ever want to kill anyone. I just want-" Skybrine said, his eyes filled with tears.

"To feel belonged." My ancestor said. "I know how you feel but if you continue on then way you are then you may not be so happy with yourself if your dad does feel like you're really his son. You have friends that are here for you and by now we think of you as family. Both you and Adam. Just put the knife down and lets go home."

Skybrine looked at the knife in his hands and clutched it. He stuck it in a tree and walked over to my ancestor. "Thank you friend."

--End Of Dream--

I woke up to Jerome setting his axe beside his bed. He must be getting ready to sleep. He looked over at me. "Did I wake you?" he asked.

"Yeah." I said.

"Sorry." he said.

"It's no big deal." I replied. "I just woke up from a weird dream."

"Really?" Jerome asked. "What was it about?"

I better not tell. "It's something I'd rather not share."

"Okay. Anyway I think I'm gonna get to bed." Jerome said climbing on the top bunk. "Night."

"Good night."

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