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  "Harry!" I turned around to my name being called, only to be tackled by a slightly taller, bushy haired friend of mine.
  "Hello to you too, Hermione." I say, while attempting to stand. "How was your venture into adulthood?" I couldn't help but grin as I saw my long time friend for the first time in months.
  After The Battle of Hogwarts, the school had to be shut down for construction. It ended up taking months, though most of that was repairing wards and such. It was finally finished in August, with barely enough time to send out Hogwarts letters. All of the previous seventh years were invited to finish their final year, and all lower years that had attended Hogwarts were required to take a class in order to catch up on what they missed.
  "It was amazing, Harry! Do you know how many job offers I received? Seven of them, nearly all from the ministry!" She nearly squealed the end. Then, she took a quick glance around and noticed something, or rather, a lack of someone. "So he really isn't coming?" After a shake of my head she continued. "I thought for sure that he would change his mind. Though, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised."
  "Well, he said that he thought he should stay home, especially after what happened. Though he said to give you his regards." I smirked, remembering having to tell him to add that last part, or he may soon find himself venturing into single life. We both heard the train, meaning we only had five minutes before it left. We gathered our things, and boarded, immediately finding an empty compartment .
  After putting our trunks in the in the overhang, Hermione and I sat down on opposite sides of the compartment.
  "Harry, how are you?" She asked, her concern thinly veiled in her voice.
  "I'm fine, Hermione." I said, not meeting her eyes.
  She doesn't really care. Why would she? It's your fault. I heard a familiar voice say in my head. I know they're right. It is my fault, after all. For all of their deaths. For Remus, Tonks, Colin, Fred, Sirius, Cedric, my parents... It's my fault.
  "Are you sure, Harry? You just seem so thin and pale. You know you can always talk to me, right?" She wasn't even trying to hide her concern now.
  "Really 'Mione, I'm fine. And you're starting to sound like Mrs. Weasley." I laughed, hoping to ease her concern.
  "Now really, Harry. Just because I'm concerned, doesn't immediately make me a mother. Honestly, sometimes you can be worse than Ron." She huffed.
  The rest of the train ride was filled with Hermione telling me about the different job offers she received, and me changing the subject whenever she asked about my well being.

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