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Please read:

I have loved writing since I was a young child, but as many who dwell in pages may come to learn, sometimes the hardest story to tell is the one closest to your heart.

For years I've worked to bring this tale to light, going as far as to dabble with other stories that were completely unrelated, just so I could explore every aspect of the distant world I had grown to love as a child.

I've enjoyed sketching out the castle you will read of, traipsing through the forest in my mind and placing all of it on the pages of the story you're about to open. It has been eye-opening in ways that I couldn't have anticipated! Based on that, I may change a chapter every now and then to make sure the image is just right! Please don' judge me for it. I've seen books placed on hold for years at a time and I do not in ANY way intend for that to happen. Stick with me, it'll be worth it :)

It is with all of this in mind that I ask you to find a line between being both kind and cruel as you read this story. Tell me what you think, even if you might worry that it is a bit harsh, because I want to grow not only as a writer in general but as the author of this story in particular! In the end, I suppose what I'm asking is that you remain respectful! I will work on editing what I see in comments, and adding where you, as the readers, see fit, as long as it doesn't change my story.


Please recognize that this story is protected under copyright laws through Wattpad. If I find my story on another profile I will do everything in my power to take legal action. If you would like to write BASED on my story at any time, say the word and I will let you know my thoughts.

All of that said, please enjoy The Caged Bird, and remember: If you are afraid of something, you must reach for it.

P.S. At this time I am working to edit chapters so that they fit a my vision. This is because I feel it will fit better with the style of writing I want to accomplish in this story, and because it will help with the flow, especially in later chapters. Because of this updates will not be as frequent and the story may be altered in minor places. Originally I had planned to change the POV, but several alterations later I recognized that it was not entirely necessary. I apologize for any inconvenience you may feel based on this but it's my story so... #sorrynotsorry

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