Chapter 2 - 5 looong hours

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"Bags the window seat!" Liam shouts, grabbing his bags and heading for the car. It's 5 o'clock in the morning, and today, we are officially leaving. It's sad to see the house go, I remember when dad was first building it at the age of 3, and now all those memories are going to wast. I sigh as i look up at my bedroom window, "nice having you." i whisper.

"Boys, can you please stop fighting! We are going on a 7 hour car drive, and with you two fighting, isn't going to help." my dad says, strapping Liam and Noah's surfboards to the top of the car.

Without saying good morning, I walk straight past my parents. I don't want anything to do with them, until i get used to my new life. I hate fighting with them, but sometimes, i have a reason to be angry at them. And now is a good reason.

I jump in the back, back seat of the 7 seater car. And yes I know there are only five of us, but i want to be in my own space, without sitting next to my brothers. I plug my ear buds in my ears and switch on my music, muting everyone and everything around me.

"okay, off we go. Honey can you make sure the moving trucks are following us?" my dad asks.

"mhm" mum responds.

Soon after, we drive past a big building, with rushing teen ages everywhere, its my school. I'm going to miss Andrea (my best friend) so much. And all the other friends i had. Come to think of it, I'm going to miss the teachers as well. I've already put up with them, and they are alright now, but since i'm moving, i have to put up with more annoying teachers.

I sigh as i slump back in my seat, hiding my face so that no one i know from school sees me.

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It's been 5 loooong hours in this car and we only have 3 hours left. My parents and two brothers seem to be enjoying all the pretty morning views outside the window. While I'm dreading every second of this stupid car drive. My butt is numb from sitting down for so long, I'm trying to sleep, but Liam and Noah keep bugging me, I'm exhausted from the very early wake up call my dad did and i just want to be back in my old house laying on my old bed.

I haven't said a word to my parents since the argument me and my mum had 2 days ago.

My dad seems to be frustrated with me, because suddenly he huffs and looks up at me in the rearview mirror.

"Jessy, what is going on with you? We haven't spoken to each other for, I have no idea how long. Can you please get off the phone and talk to real humans instead of robots!" he shouts.

I look up at him. "Dad, what do you want me to say? You don't understand how angry I am at you and Mum!"

"Well, i'd like to know what the problem is" he says.

"you didn't give a shit about my opinion on moving! I hate when you guys do that to me and you know it!" i shout.

"Watch you language young lady" Mum says.

"Mum, i don't feel like talking to you right now, so can you please just zip it?" i hiss

"Don't you talk to your mother like that! You have no respect!" Dad half shouts.

my blood boils. "Well, it seems like you both don't have respect for me, you're always deciding, and 'doing whats best for me' all the damn time. AND IM SICK OF IT!" i shout, to the point where my brothers jump.

"i beg your pardon! you're lucky you have parents that are pushing you to reach your full potential!" mum says, turning around to face me.

"well have you ever asked me what I want? Have you asked if I wanted to be a lawyer or doctor? You're basically choosing my life!" i shout.

"Jessy, we don't always control your life. We let you dye your hair purple for goodness sake! How are people supposed to take you seriously with purple hair? So we let you go on that one." my Dad says in a low voice, probably to scare me

I slump back in my seat and turn my music to full volume. I want to cry so bad, but i hold them in, it'll show them that i'm weak, but i'm not. I'm trying to make them see what they are doing to me, they are forcing me into stuff i'm not interested in.

"I hate you" i whisper, but loud enough for them to hear me.

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