Chapter 19

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Juvia's voice : " Previously on 'The Vampire's Mate."

Lucy: "Be with me or I'll kill Juvia ."

Natsu kills the unknown innocent woman .

Gray : "Just hear him out . "

Natsu:  "I did it all for you..."

Juvia : " I don't know what to say ..."

Natsu : "Then don't say anything ..."

Juvia : "But I do have to ..."

Natsu : " I also came here to make you forget about me ..."

Juvia looks at him with wide eyes knowing what might happen next .

N  O  W    : 

"Natsu don't please I -" he cuts me off mid sentence by kissing me . This kiss was full of mixed emotions . I felt them all anger , fear , sadness , happiness , and even love ...I kissed him back and pulled him closer . He suddenly picked me up and used his vampire speed to pin me up against the wall of my room my legs wrapped around his waist perfectly .

"You didn't let me finish ... I'll make you forget about the horrible me . But not now because that me is the one that can make you go to your highest peek . I'm gonna do you all over this room . My house . There won't be a corner of this town where I won't take you right then and there . " He tells me in a low raspy voice . Suddenly I find myself slowly grinding myself against him .

"Then I suggest you get started because it might take a while to do me all over and everywhere ..." I seductively whispered to him . He carries me in this same position to my bed and he lays back down while I'm on top . "God I've missed you so much Via you have no idea . " His hand slowly starts traveling it's way from my stomach up to my chest and softly caressing one of my breasts . I start panting faintly because he starts grinding himself against me giving me pleasure and making me feel warm and fuzzy .

Suddenly my door bursts open and a shocked and wide eyed Lyon stands there . I quickly get off Natsu and stand up trying to regain my composture .  "Lyon I-" he cuts me off mid-sentence . "Don't even." Is all he says before storming out of my room . Gray comes out of my kitchen stuffing his face with my recently bag of Doritos and a confused face . "Fwas up fwifth himth?" he says spitting out some bits of the food he has in his mouth due to it being so full .

"I'll explain later . I gotta reach him . " I say storming out of the house . I run to the front yard to see Lyon starting to put his helmet on . "Lyon!" I call out . He looks back at me and I realize his eyes are glossy and his nose was a rosy reddish color . I ran over to him as fast as I could .

He catched me by surprise when he opened his arms and I ran straight into them jumping on him and hugging him as tightly as I possibly could . "Lyon ...I'm sorry ..." Then it all kicked in at once like a bomb . He broke down crying . I was slightly confused but I also realized he had true feelings for me . But me being the stupid head I am can't seem to realize I was hurting him without even trying  .  I really did feel bad for him but I couldn't force myself to be with someone who I don't see as a lover . That would crush him even more than the other thing .

I'm probably the most hated person on this earth right now because even I admit that I sound very selfish at this moment . But I don't wanna loose either of them . Lyon is my best friend and has been there through the good and bad . But Natsu did everything he did for me . To keep me safe and I love him for that . But I can't help but feel like I'm hurting my best friend . I mean he was there when Natsu was with me and when he left me , even though he was trying to protect me.

Suddenly I feel a shot of pain coarsing through my whole leg . I wince in pain and fall down . "Juvia! Juvia! Juv-AAAH!!! " Lyon falls beside me and we're both clutching the places where the pain was coming from .

My vision starts to blurr and I can barely move at all. "Finally I got you both where I want you . " And that's the last thing I hear before everything around me goes black .

T H I R D   P E R S O N ' S   P .O. V  :

Natsu and Gray were both talking in a hushed tone trying to give the bluenette and the hybrid some space ,when they suddenly hear something very weird and painful to their ears they both start to hold their heads in pain trying to block the sound but it only got louder and painful . Gray ends up falling on his knees while Natsu's nose starts to bleed .

They both colapse on the ground darkness sorrounding them , well their visions to be exact . 

Timeskip to a few hours later and with Lyon and Juvia : (Still in 3rd person's pov btw)

Lyon and Juvia were both tied up to chairs in seperate cells. Their hands were painfully tied down with a spikey metal rope around their wrist which caused it to pierce through their skin and make them painfully and slowly bleed . Their feet in the same position and both of them barely waking up and taking in the cold and hard sorroundings . Lyon is the first to bolt up and react but it sure was a wrong move .

Because all it brought was pain shooting through his whole body . While Juvia on the other hand is still a bit dizzy and sleepy from the drug they shot her with . "Hng...L-Lyon...ngh ..." Juvia said waking up a little bit more due to the pain starting to kick in .
"It's okay baby . I'm right here." He spoke from the other the cell which was right beside hers .

Even though he couldn't see her he could still smell her . Which was enough confirmation to know it was her . Because no one else he knew smelled like berrie body spray or Paris Hilton perfume . "Where are you?" She spoke up suddenly panicking trying to free herself from the ropes . She was starting to have a panic attack and it started to get louder . "Shhh Juvia baby calm down , calm down just shhhh please . It's alright baby I'm right here . Calm down ."

Somehow the bluenette managed to calm down and find peace in their current situation . "It hurts . It's ...deep ...very deep into my wrist . " She said between sobs . He felt bad for her . He somewhat had an idea of who could've done this . His treatment was a bit more painful though his spikes were silver and it was burning his skin but even then he could still suck it up . She was human and didn't deserve anything of what was happening right now .

"I know baby ...I know ...Just hang in there it'll be over soon . I'm gonna find a way to get you out of here . Even if it means the death of me . But I'm not letting anyone hurt you . I promise . " The bluenette silently nodded and stayed still in hopes of the pain to lessen which did even if it was just a little bit . After that all that could be heard was Juvia's silent sniffles and Lyon's breathing . Well that is until they heard foot steps approaching .

Well  that's it for this chapter guys . I told you guys the fun was just getting started . Battle lines are about to be drawn and sides will be taken . Unexpected things will happen and a plot twist will take place . I've been thinking about this crazy idea of making a Spiderman book Lyon x Juvia or Natsu x Juvia style . Idk tell me what you guys think in the comment section below . It's just an idea but I wanna know cuz who knows it could turn out pretty well . Anyways love you all . Thx for reading . Vote pls . Comments leave some . Till the next chapter .

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