Chapter 1 - The Becoming (rewrite)

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Something's weird.

I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that the streets are meant to be flooded on a warm Saturday afternoon, people swarming like the busy bee's they claim to be.

But so far, all that's greeted me is the eerie silence and the occasional drunk stumbling down the sidewalk.

Seriously, this place is like a ghost town.


If there is no one here, does that mean I still have to go to work? Because right now, it feels like I'm in a horror movie and I'm not up to being the giddy teenage girl who's walking by herself then gets hacked to death by some creeper in a mask.  

Not that anything about me screams 'giddy'.
Or teenage girl for that matter.

It's not that I'm manly or unfeminine, it's just that I would never wear anything other than jeans and a hoodie; my uniform consisting of a dress, excluded.

Maybe the occasional jumper, not to mention I don't go out with the few friends I have that much and I wouldn't be caught dead wearing make-up.

Once I finally arrive at work, I head straight to the back to grab my apron when Lucile approaches me.

"What's up buttercup?"

Lucile is one of the only people I talk to in the dinner, mainly because she's my cousin but I like to think of her as more of my best friend.

She's the person who I could sit in a room with and read without being called boring because she would be doing the same thing.

Truth be told, even though she's a 2 years younger than me, I'm closer to her than I am to half of my 'friends'.

Out of all of her sisters (She has 3) I'm closer to her.

Layla is the youngest, she's 12 and while they're similar in looks, Layla is the complete opposite of Lucile. Back when I used to do kick boxing; shocking, I know but I quit after about 2 years.

I introduced her to it and she was hooked. Unlike me she didn't quit, so now she is a trained 12 year old bad ass.

Hailey is 21, the same age as my older sister. She would spend more time with her so I would never be allowed to play with them. Looking at pictures of her when she was younger, everything about her mirrored Rachel, now she dyes her hair every couple months, everything from brown to blue. She's a red head as of now.

Rachel is 24, she's the eldest and although I never really got that close to her due the the age gap, I'd always look up to her. She was tall, pretty and had long black hair that framed her face, complementing every feature.

Lucile was kind of the middle child, being 16.

She had long brown hair, straight as a board and tied into a pony tail during work hours.

Her eyes sparkled like storm clouds right before lightning hit. Clouds of grey and blue threatened floods and fury while pupils dilated in passion, eyelashes catching the raindrops. When she was angry, the storm brewing in her eyes was worse than anything mankind had ever come across.

When that storm is brewing, you run.

"Hey." I mumbled, still consumed by my own suspicions about the graveyard like streets around us.

"Guess what?" She questioned.

"If I say 'what?' and you say 'good guess', I will seriously throat punch you."

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