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                                        Jordans POV

I walked out the bathroom and into Mia's room. I had a surprise for her and Marcus so they needed to get up.

"Mia wake up." I said nudding her shoulder lightly

She rolled over looked at me and passed out again. UGH!! She needs to get up. I tried again but she didn't wake up. I went to Marcus's room and got the same result. And i didn't slap him cause we won't fight today........Hopefully. The day before i went shopping. I got Mia a purple bikini that has ruffles and for me i got a Bikini that has a bro fist on the back of the bottom and on the top says "PEWDIEPIE". If your wondering where we're going........ THEN KEEP DREAMING!!!!!!! 

I took a bag and filled it up wit ice cubes..... and no it is not for Marcus it is for my head......... OKAY i lied whip Di do! I snoke in Marcus's room and open the bag. I went to get a ice cube when...............................................................................................

I was hit with  a pillow and fell on the floor. A pillow was tossed on the floor and i grabbed it. Marcus and i started to beat each other when Mia came in covered in whip cream. 


Crap i can't fight with him. I scooped the whipped cream off Mia face and trough at Marcus. Then i ran. With Mia. We went in the bathroom where her swim suit was. i stuck her in the tub and bathed her. I put up her hair in a pony tail then put her in her swim suit. I put her dress that was light blue with strips over her swim suit. I went to get ready putting on some shorts and a hoddy. I told Marcus to put on a swim suit and he did.

We went to the garage. He tried to drive but i stole the keys. i buckled up Mia and drove off. they both questioned me the whole way.

When we got there Marcus was flipping out and Mia wanted to ride every ride. Before we started i stopped by the store in he place and bought Mia floaties for swimming. We could not decide what to ride so i  said i would pick.

It took a while but i had the perfect one.It would make Marcus cry like a baby.

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